The understanding of energy has been used for a lot of magickal paradigms, and traditions, along with many metaphysical forms of healing, and medicine throughout the ages. This is also the core understanding for the energy model of magick, and throughout the world, cultures, and traditions have found, and worked with this mystical energy, but have called it different names. Some of the names at this energy have been called are:

Energy names: Chi Energy, Qi Energy, Ki Energy, Psi Energy, Psy Energy, Psychic Energy, Vital Energy, Esoteric Energy, Prana, Aether, Quintessence, Metaphysical Energy, Occult Energy, Magical Energy, The Force, Life force, Élan Vital, Spirit Energy, Pneuma, and Mana, along with many others. In my practice it is also referred to as “Kna” which is energy translation into my personal constructed language the ravens of antimony.

My own understandings of energy from my practice from what I have found out through experience, and research is presented below:

Energy has been present within existence from the very beginning, and it had been endlessly transforming from one state to another depending upon frequency, and cannot be created, nor destroyed, because existence is a closed system, and energy is the first of all things. Energy flows through everything and is also the spiritual thing that connects everything together. It makes up all matter, and is the building blocks of the all of existence. Energy is programmed to vibrate at different frequencies which will determine what it is. It contains all of the qualities in the world, and can have one aspect, or both extreme aspects of a polarity spectrum at the same time.

Everything is made from these energy frequencies which will manifest certain forms. Physical matter is energy that vibrates at a very low frequency, while other forms of spiritual, and transcendent energy vibrates at a much higher frequency. Even things such as mental constructs, and ideas are made out of energy, and these constructs vibrate at a frequency higher than physical matter, but lower than pure spiritual transcendent energy. Energy is the sublimation of matter, and matter the crystallization of spirit. The elements are made out of energy with earth is the densest frequency followed by water, than air, and than fire. Also different forms of physical matter are made from different frequencies of energy with solids being the slowest frequencies, liquids being the second slowest, then comes gases, and then plasmas. Energy will always follow intention from consciousness though as it lowers in frequency, and becomes denser, and more physical less control consciousness has over it.

All forms of energy retain information based upon their past experiences, this energetic information is able to be made less accessible through the processes of cleansing, which allows the energy to return back to its natural state. Energy can be perceived to be positive, or negative based off its interaction with other energies. This positive, and negative polarity is base relative to the energy perceiving, and interacting with it rather than being a fixed construct. Because of this positive energy, and negative energy are relative to the entity or constructs interacting or perceiving it.

Most of your energy is stored in what is known as your bodies energy centers, which are connected to different aspects of your being physically, mentally, and spiritually. The energy center that stores the most energy is located above your navel, and it is referred to as the solar plexus energy center. Energy centers can become blocked, or closed through things such as negative energy, non constant use, negative emotions, and through the aspect of being sick. energy also flows from energy centers to energy centers through a system of energy veins. All this energy radiates off your body in what is known as the aura.

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