Calling down energy from above is a useful skill to learn in energy work, because it allows you to connect yourself to higher sources of energy, so that you will be able to use that energy source in your practice to charge constructs, and to empower yourself. This technique opens up connection with the higher planes of existences, your higher self, and to source allowing you to use that higher energy in your energy work. This practice is like a reverse form of grounding where instead of grounding to the Earth, and the physical plane, you connect yourself to your higher being, and higher spiritual planes. This process is primarily done for the bringing down of more energy when it is needed, and it is a simple technique that can be made more complicated as you figure out better ways of using it.

How to call down energy:

1) First you’re going to want to find a comfortable position, whether that be sitting, standing, or laying. You really just want to find a position that you will feel relaxed, so that you will be able to focus your mind, and energy on facilitating this connection. Once you are in the position you are going to want to close your eyes.

2) Next take your time to center, and ground yourself, so that you can have your focus all in one place, and have a channel to release energy if you need it.

3) Once you have completed all of that you can then begin to focus on the space above you. Visualize that space as a massive bright blue cloud of energy hanging above you, and then begin to see it start to swirl, and lurch downwards as if it was going to make a tornado.

4) Next see the spiral of energy flow into the top of your head, or into the construct in which you would want to receive this energy. Visualize greatly it bringing in its power into what it is empowering. Continue envisioning the spiral spinning into you, or the construct until you feel you have received all of the energy that you need. Once you are ready to end this technique visualize the spiral dissipating along with the cloud above you.

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