A circle can be cast before spells, rituals, and other magickal practices. A circle works not only as a shield to protect you from negative entities and energies, while in, and out of spell work, but it also traps the energy on the inside in with you to create a space of high energy that will aid you while doing magickal practices. Casting a circle is a good thing to do whenever you feel threatened by anything spiritual and is very easy to learn. There are many different ways to cast a circle but for this post I will be doing a basic one in order to introduce the concept.

1) First you must find a space that you want to cast your circle in. This can be anywhere.

2) Second you can mark your circle with a physical representation like a circle of chalk, a circle of rocks, or some other thing you can put in a circle. You do not need a physical representation or tools to cast a circle, but they help to focus you, and bring out your energy.

3) Next it is time to cleanse the area of negative energies you do not have to do it but it is recommended.

4) Once you’re done cleansing. Make sure you have everything you need for magical workings inside your physical representation of your circle. Then stand in the center of your circle, close your eyes and then ground, and center.

5) Once you have reached an altered state of consciousness then visualize blue mist energy flowing into your index, and middle fingers.(or any tool you want to use to cast a circle with)

6) Now take those two fingers and point at the physical representation of your circle. Visualize your energy as bright blue mist flowing into it crafting your circle as you slowly spin around. You can also say something like “I cast a circle to protect me from all negative energy, and to aid me in my craft.” (this is not entirely necessary but it will help to focus your energy towards your intention.) Once you get back to where you started you can take a relaxing posture knowing that your circle is now completed.

Along with casting a circle you need to learn how to undo circles. So here is a way to dissipate your circle after you are done with the magical workings you were doing inside it.

1) Stand back up in the center of the circle.

2) Visualize the circle as blue mist circling around you.

3) Say something along the lines of “Circle that I have cast dissipate back to the energies at be.” (this is not entirely necessary but it will help to focus your energy towards your intention.)

4) Then visualize the circle burning away into nothingness.

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