Sending energy is a basic energy technique that goes through the process of releasing energy out of  your energetic body. Through this basic process you are able to release specific types of energy from your being out into the world, or into other constructs which can be very useful for other techniques such as the enchantment of objects, or the process of sending someone else energy. This process could also be used in the releasing of energy during a state of energetic overflow. The releasing of energy also is done during processes such as grounding, though it is not controlled specifically like in this technique.

You are going to want to ground, and center before you do this technique, so that you will be able to bring all your energy, and awareness to the center of your being, and ground yourself within this moment physically, and energetically. This process may also be smoother if you get into an altered state of consciousness, and relax your body.

Now you are going to want to choose a target, or destination in which you can release this energy into, or towards. You are also going to want to think of what energy you are going to release. This can just be energy in general, or it can be a specific energy that is in your energy body that you would like to get rid of, or released to another place. You can even go through the process of sending programmed energy, if you know how to program energy.

Once you have chosen you will want to focus upon that place with your conscious awareness, so that that place is locked in your mind. You may also want to place your hand on to, or towards what you are focusing upon. Then you are going to want to visualize the energy that you have chosen working its way up your body into your hands, and visualize us as strongly as you can. Once the energy flows up your body through your arms into your hands see it shooting out of your hands flowing towards your target through the air. Imagine that coming into your target filling that space with its being. Stay in this mental focus for as long as you would like, so that the energy can be sent to the target, or destination you have assigned it. Once you’re done sending energy simply stop focusing, and your energy will cease.


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