1. Allow yourself to slowly wake up in the morning, so that you are able to ease into your waking State and are able to reflect on your dreaming state.
  2. Ground, and center, so that your energy comes back to itself, and you are more grounded in the moment.
  3. Playing with your energy by making energy balls and moving energy around your body.
  4. Any form of meditation. Guided, or otherwise. Just something to get you into an altered state of consciousness.
  5. Lighting a candle for a specific purpose, or intention, so that its energy can be sent in that direction.
  6. Perceiving, or visiting the astral through astral projection, or astral travel.
  7. Praying, and thanking your ancestors.
  8. Perform Shadow work to examine your shadow.
  9. Creating sigils.
  10. Casting spell, and ritual for an intention that you have.
  11. Choose specific clothes to wear for that day that have colors connected to specific metaphysical properties you wish to bring into your life that day.
  12. Charge or bless your food, and drink before consuming them.
  13. Eat, and drink mindful.
  14. check the phases of the moon and the other positions of the planets.
  15. Go for a walk outside, and taken the fresh air, as you do so try to feel your connection to the earth.
  16. Set up or maintain your altar, or altars.
  17. Go look for things to collect in order to use later in your practice.
  18. Write your knowledge down in a journal, book of shadows, or grimoire, or start one.
  19. Do daily divination on how the day is going to go, or on a specific thing that is  on your mind.
  20. Study, and research things having to do with occultism, esotericism, mysticism, spirituality, or religion, along with anything else that could be brought into your practice.
  21. Charge the crystals that you own, so that they will be working at their highest potential.
  22. Cleanse your living space through the burning of herbs, or some other form of cleansing method.
  23. Cleaning up your living space physically, so that the energy can flow through your space better and you will feel more comfortable in that space.
  24. Set up or maintain protective magick on your living space by reshielding your space and recharging your wards.
  25. Creating an astral Temple, or maintaining your already existing astral Temple.
  26. Check up on and water your plants.
  27. Memorize chants, and say chants throughout the day.
  28. Acknowledge the moon’s presence when you see it.
  29. Creating sigils in your outdoor using stones that you find outside.
  30. Think over, and examine your beliefs, religion, and practice.
  31. Worship, honor, and/or work with your deities.
  32. Take a magickal, or cleansing bath, or shower.
  33. Send a friend positive energy.
  34. Send an enemy negative energy.
  35. Listen to music that is connected to your spiritual practice.
  36. Communicate, or work with your spirit guides, or spirit companions.
  37. Read books or listen to audiobooks having to do with your practice.
  38. Study your holy books, or the holy books of other religions.
  39. Search for videos or blogs that maybe helpful in advancing your understanding of your practice.
  40. Charge, and energize your energy centers so that your energy flows more smoothly through your body.
  41. Go outside, and stargaze. Try to identify constellations, and look up into the universe.
  42. Drink different forms of tea, or herbal tisanes.
  43. Look for signs throughout your daily life.
  44. Examine your natal chart.
  45. Create a staff, or wand out of fallen branches you find around your living space.
  46. Communicate, and work with other magical practitioners that you know.
  47. Visit a place that is religious, spiritual, or that is some other form of liminal space.
  48. Place items underneath your pillow so that they can enchant your sleep state.
  49. Meditate before sleep so that you can ease into your sleep state easier.
  50. Set your intention of what you would like to dream about before going to sleep.

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