Cleansing is the act of resetting energies back to how they were naturally. This process will remove all the energies that have stuck themselves onto an person, place, or object. In this post we will be looking over how one can go about cleansing a room, so that a practitioner could clear it of all negative energies in order to make the room a more hospitable environment. There are many ways to go about cleansing a room, and we will go over a few of them, so that we can get a range of different approaches one can use to cleanse a room.

Physically cleaning the room:

This is a very straightforward way of cleansing a room in which all you have to do is physically clean it up. This does not have to be an extensive cleaning job but should be good enough that there is a clear visible difference. By straightening up the room you will rearrange the energies to a more harmonic natural state, so that energy will flow more smoothly through it, and allow it to be balanced, and cleansed.

Opening your space:

Opening windows, and doors will allow the room to be cleansed, because it will open up energy flow in the room. This will allow energy to circulate, and will return the room back to a more harmonic and natural state.

Clap cleansing:

In order to do this one all you must do is walk around the area why clapping loudly, and while focusing on your intention for the room to be cleanse. This will allow you to send out your intention with your claps, so that you can literally clap away the negative energies.

Music cleansing:

By playing forms of music that are spiritual and/or calming you will be able to cleanse the energies of the room from the sounds of the music. This works because the music will release a very calm, relaxing, and spiritual energy that will overtake the room allowing it to be cleansed.

Chant cleansing:

By walking around the room, and chanting phrases that have to do with your intent of cleansing, or are in some form of way spiritual, or religious you will be able to cleanse the room. These phrases would be like something out of a holy book, or could quite literally just be your intention. It could be something like “negativity leave this room”.

Energy cleansing:

if you have practice in energy work you will be able to use your energy in order to cleanse the room. In order to do this you must imagine your energy as a clear cleansing light. Once you have that picture in your mind force it out of your being, and allow it to wash over the room. See in your mind’s eye the negative energies breaking away, and dissipating into nothingness. Do this over, and over again until the room is cleansed.

Water cleansing:

In this method you are going to need some form of water, spiritual water, or salt water, so that you can spray it around the room in order to allow its energies to cleanse the area.

Salt cleansing:

For this method all you have to do is simply take salt, and sprinkle it around your room, so that the metaphysical properties of the salt will be able to cleanse the area.

Cleansing sigil:

You can go about finding, or creating a sigil to cleanse the area. All you would have to do is take the sigil, and charge it, and activate it, then wait for the cleansing energy to manifest.

crystals and Crystal grid cleansing:

Some crystals have the metaphysical properties of cleansing, and these crystals could be placed around the area in order for it to cleanse the space that they are in. These crystals could also be taken, and used to form a crystal grid that could be placed inside the room for the purposes of cleansing. Crystals that would be good for cleansing, and to incorporate in the crystal grid would be selenite, citrine, shungite, black tourmaline, obsidian, and onyx.

Cleansing with smoke:

You will be able to cleanse a room by burning specific forms of incense, or herb bundles in the room. For this all you must do is burn the incense or bundle in the room, and walk around it allowing the smoke to permeate all throughout the area, so that the cleansing energies of the incense or herb can cleanse the room. Herbs that would be good for cleansing the room would be things such as sage, rosemary, palo santo, lavender, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood.

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  1. These are good. I use a combination. I essentially do the LBRP, but at each corner i clean. So as I’m banishing I’m cleaning, and then I light sandlewood, or sage if I have it, and go around the space with it. It takes a while, but the effects are totally worth it 🙂


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