I wanted to create my own 30-day witchcraft challenge. I don’t know if anyone is going to do it, but I thought it would at least be interesting to create. This 30-day witchcraft challenge is going to be extensive. It will ask multiple questions per day that pertain to a certain theme that has to do with your practice along your path. Feel free to do one, multiple, or all of the questions for a single day. I have built the challenge, so that overachievers can have more to do, and those who don’t have as much time can still participate. This will also allow you to skip over certain questions if you don’t have an answer for them, or that they are not applicable to you. Multiple questions  allow there to be longer responses, so the challenge can be a little bit more challenging. This 30-day witchcraft challenge will be built for beginners, intermediates, and experts. This is so the witchlings can learn from the experienced practitioners, and the witchlings will be able to share their experiences. You do not have to start this challenge at the beginning of a month, and are allowed to started whenever you feel like it. So I hope you enjoy, and participate in running with the wolves.

Running With The Wolves 30-day witchcraft challenge, day questions:

1) Day 1 Humble Beginnings

“The sun begins to set, and a new beginning takes hold, one that is born from the darkness.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

We all had to begin somewhere. Some beginnings might be farther away than others, but it is still important to take a look at how we began our practice, and started walking down this path. How long have you been practicing for? Do you feel like that is a long time? Why did you start practicing, and what did you hope to gain from it? How old were you when you started practicing? What was your first exposure to magick, and when did you figure out that magick was a real thing? What was the first spell you casted?

Take time to think about the beginning of your practice, and remember how it felt to begin practicing.

2) Day 2 Nurturing Knowledge Of The Earth

“We are part of the cycle of life, we are fed by the plants, and animals of the earth, and one day they will feed upon us.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Being able to grow, learn, and experience are wonderful things of this path. We all set forth, and grasped knowledge from different sources learning what we needed to in the moment, so that we could continue walking our path. Where have you got a lot of your information from? Have you ever interacted with misinformation? Have you ever had a mentor, or been mentored by somebody? Would you ever think of mentoring? Which do you believe has better information books, or the internet? What is one piece of information you think every practitioner should know? Do you practice your craft daily?

Take time to think about where your information came from, and how it has allowed your to practice to grow, and evolve.

3) Day 3 Majestic Creation

“These hands can destroy, but from the destruction they will create.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

One of our greatest abilities is to create. There is so much that you can set forth into the world, if you set your mind to it. What magickal things have you created? Do you have a book of shadows, or any other form of magical journal, or book? Have you ever created a servitor, tulpa, or any other form of thought-form? Do you create your own tailsmans, spells, and rituals? Have you ever thought about creating a new form of magick that doesn’t presently exist? Have you ever thought of creating a magickal school? Is there anything that you have wanted to create?

Take time to think about, and to be grateful for all the things that you have been able to create, and bring into the world.

4) Day 4 Elements Of Empowerment, And Strength

“You must find the strength to continue on, for if you stop now you will surely die.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Even in the darkest of places, we find things that pushes forward. These things become connected to us, and we will bring them along on the journey. What element are you associated with? Have you ever stopped practicing your craft, and gone on a hiatus? What inspires you to continue on practicing? Is there anything that you are greatly associated with, or that you see as your aesthetic? What gives your practice meaning to you? Do you believe you would be the same without your path?

Take time to think about what empowers you, and pushes you forward along your path.

5) Day 5 Change In The Wind

“Winds that howl like wolves, so powerful that it can push you off your path, and onto another one.”  – The Wolf Of Antimony

Change is a very important thing it allows us to evolve our practices, even though sometimes we may not be ready for it. From being on this path have any of your beliefs, and/or understandings changed, and how has it affected your life? Are you open to change, and do you believe change is necessary? How has the magickal community changed since you have been a part of it? Are you a traditional practitioner, or do you practice newer forms of magick such as pop culture magick, and tech magick, if so what has your experience been with these forms of magick? Is there anything that you used to believe in, that you don’t believe in now?

Take time to think about how you have changed from the time you were very young, and how you have grown for it.

6) Day 6 The Love Of The Pack

“One may not last long, if they stand alone, but with a group to watch their back, they will go on to do great things.”  – The Wolf Of Antimony

There is strength in numbers, and we can accomplish great things when we work respectively with each other. What is your favorite part about the magickal community here on Tumblr? What is the worst thing about the magical community here on Tumblr? Are you part of any other form of magical Community, or group, and if not would you like to be? Are you a solitary practitioner? Do you believe it is more powerful to work in a group? Do you know your spirit guides? Do you have any spirit companions , if so tell me about your experience with them? Do you have an animal familiar, if so tell me about your experience with them? Are you a spirit spouse?

Take time, and think about all the wonderful connections you have made, and how they have allowed you to grow on your path.

7) Day 7 The Spirit Of The Forest
“The one who does not go searching for truth will not find any, and they will believe whatever they are told.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

We are all on our own journeys searching for our own personal meanings. We are spiritual, and powerful beings searching the far corners of the cosmos in hopes of discovering what we are looking for. What religion are you, if any? What type of witch do you consider yourself? Are there any deities that you worship, or work with? Where do you believe we go when we die? What do you think your purpose for living is? How can you be sure you know, what you know? Do you consider yourself to be spiritual, religious, or maybe even a combination of both? Do you believe there is such things as good, and evil, and if so what do you believe is good, and what do you believe is evil?

Take time to think about the meaning that you have given yourself, and how it fits into your practice, and life.

8) Day 8 The Objective Mind

“The mind is the only thing we can truly know that is real, everything outside the mind is just a happy illusion.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

The mind is a very important part of our being, it allows us to perceive, and interact with the world around us. Would you rather live in a happy fantasy, or a true, but cruel reality? Is there anything unusual that you believe in? When does unverified personal gnosis (UPG), become Confirmed Gnosis (CG)? Do you use the spelling magick, or magic, and why? Do you believe science will ever prove the concept of magick? Do you believe science, and magick can work together? Do you believe magick has any objective qualities? Do you believe that there is a rational, and logical way to explain spirituality in magick? What would you do if you found out this was all mass hysteria, or simply the placebo effect, and nocebo effect?

Take time to look at your objectivity, and subjectivity your beliefs and practices.

9) Day 9 The Laws Of The Wild

“Things that do not follow the rules can be punished for it, things that try not to follow the laws learn quickly that they cannot change them.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Control creates order, and the lack of control leads to chaos. Having a good amount of control, and understanding in your practice allows it to flourish. Do you live by any code of ethics, or morals? How do you feel about cursing, are you for it, or against it, and why? How you feel about love spells, are you for it, or against it, and why? Do you believe there are certain magicks that shouldn’t be done? Do you believe that magick has any laws, or limitations?  Are there any universal laws you believe in such as the Law of Attraction, Karma, or the Hermetic principles of the kybalion? Do you believe there’s anyone that can not practice Magick?

Take time to look at your morals, and ethics, and your understandings of what can be done.

10) Day 10 The Wandering Wizard

“Sometimes you need a change of scenery, so that you can think more clearly.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Exploring, and experiencing new things will allow us to gain appreciation, and understanding of those things especially when it comes to magick, and witchcraft. What forms of magick have you studied, and practice? What are some forms of magick you do not believe should be explored? What are some of the most interesting things that you have ran into on your journey, so far? Have you ever changed traditions, or religions? In what type of environment do you feel the most witchy? Is there anything that you would want to experience that you haven’t been able to yet?

Take time to think about where you have explored, and where you might want to explore next.

11) Day 11 Instincts Of The Wild

“Quiet your mind, and you will hear your true self truly speak.”  – The Wolf Of Antimony

Your instincts allow you to get insights into the world around you through your connection to your spiritual abilities. Do you have any psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, or claircognizance? Are you empathic in any way, if so what has your experience been with it? Have you ever done any form of kinesis, or attempted any form of kinesis, if so how did it go? Do you ever have prophetic dreams, or visions? Do you do any form of energy work, or Reiki? Do you ever get déjà vu? Do you use any form of Divination in your practice, if so what is it, and how does it fit into your practice?

Take some time to focus on your psychic, and energetic abilities.

12) Day 12 Follow By Example

“Take time to observe the other animals of the forest, they will teach you things through their actions.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

If they fall help them up, and know that they will do the same. Lead by example you never know when someone will be looking up to you for inspiration. Is there anybody that you look up to, or admire? What is your favorite quality that can be found in people? Who is your favorite occult practitioner? What type of music gets you into a witchy mood? Is there a place you draw the inspiration for your craft from? In what type of environment do you think of your best ideas? What do you to inspire the witches that are just starting their practice? What does inspiration mean to you?

Take a look at how you can inspire others to do good work, and also work on finding something that can inspire you.

13) Day 13 The Shadow Of Night

“If you are comfortable in the shadows, and the light, you will truly have nothing to fear.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Do not hide from the unknown, or the darkness, but understand it, and you will grow to new heights. Are there aspects of yourself that you are hiding? What are your biggest fears? Do you have any small pet peeves that you know of? What do you believe your worst personality trait is, and why? Do you ever have doubts about your magickal practice? Have you ever done shadow work, if so what was your experience with it? If there was a dark version of you what would they be like? What would the perfect you be like?

Take time to think about all the shadowy aspects of yourself, and what you may be hiding in your subconscious.

14) Day 14 The Broken Chains

“Run towards the horizon, and you will be free.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

At the end of the day this is your practice. It is personal to you, and nobody can take it away from you. Is there anything in your practice that nobody else does? Has your magickal practice ever been restricted? What kind of witch do you want to become? What are some magickal practices you want to start learning? Do you have any unpopular opinions? What does freedom mean to you?

Take time to be grateful for your freedom to practice your practice.

15) Day 15 Connection By Blood

“Your blood is powerful, like crimson fire that flows through you.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Your connection to your family can be very important depending on the practitioner, and is a bond that will be good to facilitate. Does your family know that you practice magick? How does your family feel about you practicing? Does any of your family members practice magick? Do you work with your ancestors, if so what has been your experience working with them? Are you connected with the land that you live on? Do you use blood in your practice, if so how? Do you practice a very cultural, and traditional path?

Take time to reflect on your relationship with your family, your ancestors, and the land.

16) Day 16 The Lone Wolf

“In solitude I learn to watch my own back, and become stronger for it, though it is a lonely existence.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

There are some things that you can only learn by yourself, and these things will find you when you are ready to learn them. Are you any form of divinekin, otherkin, fictionkin, or other form of alter-human, if so how has it impacted your life? Are you a multiple system, or do you have headmates, if so how has it impacted your life? Are you any form of energetic vampire, or sanguine vampire, if so what has your experience been with it? Are you a starseed, Indigo child, crystal child, and/or rainbow child, or any other form of spiritual psychic child. Have you found any of your past lives, what are they, and what have you learned from them?

Take time to look at yourself.

17) Day 17 Thoughts Of The Future

“Plan for the future, and it will one day be your present.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

We will all become better practitioners as time goes on. There will always be more to learn, so go out, and learn as much as you can. What do you believe the next step on your path is? What type of practitioner do you want to be in 5 years? Do you believe you will raise your kids with the craft, if so how will you do so? How do you believe you will change in the future? How do you believe the magickal community will change in the future?

Think about your future, and what you can do to better it.

18) Day 18  The Welfare Of The Earth

“If you treat the earth with kindness, it will treat you with kindness in return.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Helping others is an important thing inside, and outside the magickal community. In any form of way do you help other practitioners in the magical community? Is there anything that you provide the magickal community with such as spells, rituals, information, tarot spreads, or anything else that you can think of? Is it okay for new beginner witches to come ask you questions? Do you ever go, and ask other witches questions? What advice would you have given yourself when you first started out on this path? What would you say are the essentials to beginning witchcraft?

Take time to think about how you can better the community, and the people that are in it.

19) Day 19 The Self Of Yourself

“Every piece of you is important, cherish everything, and it will never let you down.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Some pieces of yourself you will take for granted, but you must remember that they are still an important part of you. Do you have a magickal name? What is your favorite color? What is your favorite animal? What is your zodiac signs? What’s your favourite phase of the moon? What is your favourite way to perform magick? What is your favorite magical tool? What is your favorite crystal? What is your favorite herb? What are your lucky numbers? What is your favorite myth, legend, or folktale? Do you have any other favorites, or things that are a part of you?

Take time, and think about the parts of you that usually go unnoticed.

20) Day 20 Two Sides Of The Same Coin

“Focus, and you will be able to see the Universe dance with itself.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Align your balance, and become steady, and grounded. Do you believe in masculine, and feminine energies, or the concept of Yin, and Yang? Do you use the terms black, white, and gray witch, and do you consider yourself to be one? Are you more comfortable in chaos, or order? Are you more comfortable working with fire, or water? Are you more comfortable working with earth, or air? Is your practice on the lighter side, or the darker side? Do you work with aspects of the God, and the goddess, which one do you work with more?

Take time to think of the dualism in the universe.

21)  Day 21 The Hold Of The Universe

“We are all connected, and we are one thing experiencing a multitude of different realities.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

We all have our own understanding of what connects us. Do you believe in astrology or use it in your practice? Do you have a concept of spiritual energy? Do you believe everything has a spirit? Do you believe in the soul, and what do you believe it is? Do you believe in the concept of collective consciousness? Do you believe in parallel universes, and other dimensions? Do you believe in higher planes of existences, and what are your names for them? What are your definitions of a dimension, a plane of existence, a realm, and a universe? What do you believe the highest form of existence an entity can experience is?

Take time to think about the universe and how it is connected together, and what role you might play in all of it.

22) Day 22 How Do You Turn This On

“Learn the ins-and-outs of the microcosm, and you will understand the macrocosm.”  – The Wolf Of Antimony

Sometimes pragmatism is all a practitioner can count on, because when it works, it works. When something works, do we need to know how it works? How do you believe magick works? Do different forms of magick work differently? Can something even be true, if it doesn’t work?

Take time to be grateful for your practice, and that it works for you.

23) Day 23 Insatiable Curiosity

“They watch from the forest, learning all that they can?”  – The Wolf Of Antimony

Curiosity is what allows us to go searching, it all depends on where it will lead you. Is there anything that you don’t understand that you would like to understand? Is there anything that you are wondering about, or have questions about? Was there anything that you learned that was hard to wrap your mind around it first? Has your practice, become less confusing now that you know more?

Take time to become curious in new things.

24) Day 24  This Is My Sword, And This Is My Shield

“Allow your shield to defend you, until you are able to get in a hit with your sword.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

At times one must learn to put up defenses, and to fight if they have to. What type of protection methods do you use? Do you think it is necessary to cast a circle when you do spell work or any magical working? What type of cleansing methods do you use? What type of banishing methods do you use? Have you ever had to banish an entity? Have you ever cursed anyone? Have you ever been cursed? When do you believe it is okay to attack someone with magick?

Take time to think about your defense, and your offense.

25) Day 25 Look Inside

“Your soul is like a fire that is turned up to 11.”  – The Wolf Of Antimony

By looking inside you will be able to see, what usually remains hidden. What is the biggest thing you were able to achieve through your practice? Do any of you have a mental illness, and how does it affect your magick practice? Would you ever give up on this path that you are walking? What are you passionate about? What do you seek to have control over? What does your energy feel like? What do you know a lot about?

Take time to look at yourself, and do you like what you see?

26) Day 26 Constructs Of The Physical

“We may be more than our bodies, but we are still physical.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

The physical world can help us interact with the spirit world, if we have the right tools for the job. Do you collect anything? What type of magickal items do you have?  Do you have a shrine, or altar, if so tell me about it? What is the most money you have ever spent on a magickal item? How many books are magickal subjects do you own, and which one is your favorite? Do you own any holy books or religious scriptures? What is the most makeshift tool you’ve ever used in ritual?

Take time to appreciate the physical things that you have.

27) Day 27 The Guidance Of Nature

“The people that have come, and gone before you, live on inside of you.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

People have been shaping these practices for a long time, try to understand them, and their understanding. What is your opinion on Aleister Crowley? What is your opinion on John Dee, and Edward Kelly? What is your opinion on Gerald Gardner? What is your opinion on Nostradamus? What is your opinion on Peter J. Carroll?  What is your opinion on Austin Osman Spare? What is your opinion on Silver RavenWolf? What is your opinion on Scott Cunningham? What is your opinion on Anton LaVey? Do you have any other opinions on any other practitioners?

Take time to think about other people who have inspired the craft before you.

28) Day 28 The Gift Of The Moon

“She watches overhead, lighting up the night sky, while caring for her children of the shadows.”  – The Wolf Of Antimony

Our abilities allow us to walk between the worlds, and transcend planes of existences, and time, if we so choose to take advantage of it. Do you use meditation in your practice? Do you use mindfulness in your magickal practice? Can you astral project, or astral travel, if so tell me about it? Do you lucid dream, or Journey? Do you communicate with spirits, if so how do you do it? Have you ever invoked or evoked an entity?

Take time to transcend the realm, and walk between worlds.

29) Day 29 The Running Of The Wolves

“You will have to use everything that you learned in order to keep up with the wolves when they run, only the strong will make it far.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

Where do you believe your strength comes from? What keeps you determined? What would it take in order to break your willpower? Do you believe your body is healthy, and strong, why, or why not? Do you believe your mind is healthy and strong, why, or why not? Do you believe your spirit is healthy, and strong, why, or why not? Who can you trust to stand by you, and help you down your path? What do you believe threatens your path, if anything? How will you be stronger tomorrow?

Take some time to think about how strong you are.

30) Day 30 The End, And The New Beginning

“The sun must come up eventually, and when it does the hunt will be over, and you will be stronger than the day before.” – The Wolf Of Antimony

It may be the end, but this is your new beginning. Did you enjoy this challenge? Did you learn something about yourself, or at least question something you knew? Is there any way that you believe this challenge could be improved? Do you have any final thoughts?

Take some time to rest, and recuperate after the challenge that you have completed.


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