Sigil meditation is a form of meditation that allows an individual practitioner to draw their awareness on to a specific sigil in order to focus upon it, and to internalize it. This form of meditation will allow you to connect with a specific sigil allowing it to affect you mentally, and spiritually. This meditation is actually quite simple, all one must do is choose a sigil to focus their mind upon in a meditative state, and visualize and focus upon that sigil as strongly as they can for the length of the meditation. during this meditation you are also going to want to do the normal meditative things such as grounding, and centering yourself, and using some form of protection. You’d also be able to do this meditation in any form of meditation posture such as sitting or laying or any other form of comfortable position.

You are able to choose any form of sigil that you would like for this meditation, though this process is better done with sigils that are meant to affect specifically you. Things that are able to empower your mindset, emotional state, or physical being are going to be a lot more useful with this form of using sigils. This is because during the state you will go within yourself and will project a reflection of the sigil in your mind, so that it will be able to be charged, and activated from within you through mental focus. During this meditation you could also go through the process of using hand gestures associated with the sigil, or chant the name of the sigil that you have given it. This will allow you to more greatly focus on the sigil with other aspects of your being.

Once you have entered the state you are going to want to hold it for a good amount of time. I would primarily recommend 5 minutes like most other forms of meditation. During this time you will visualize the sigil in focus upon its being with your awareness, so that you will be able to meditate upon the symbol allowing its power to influence you.

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