The ravens of antimony were created by me the wolf of antimony on the night of 11/25/2015 during a full moon, at midnight, when the moon was at the highest point. During that time I was 20, and I only had been practicing for 7 years, but had quite a lot of work done with the understandings of sigils, and thoughtform creation.

The ritual was planned over 3 months, and most of the time was spent figuring out exactly what I wanted in a personal magickal alphabet. During this time I created 36 different sigils that would later be linked to each individual raven. I also created their names, their original housing which was a wooden obelisk with the sigils written on the sides, and the core metaphysical properties that would be given to the ravens. They were given their raven form, because it was also the form of the first thought-form that I ever created one who went quite rogue, and the only one of which I didn’t destroy, or reprogram for doing so. This raven’s name was forgotten a long time ago, and because of that I refer to them as the forgotten one, and I also refer to them as the father of the ravens of antimony, because of their contribution of their form to the rest of the ravens.

The ritual I used in order to create them was pretty straightforward, and took about an hour to do. It consisted of the processes of cleansing the area, setting up a circle, creating the 36 different thought-forms, binding them to their sigils, names, and housing, giving them their metaphysical properties, and then placing that housing within a chest with selenite crystals that were used during the process. During the ritualistic process while in a greatly powerful altered state of consciousness, I also went through the process of cutting my thumb in order to anoint each individual sigil with blood.

Once the ritual was complete and they were placed within their chest, I called forth my thought form Carita, and gave her the responsibility of watching after the Ravens while they grow and mature, because of this I eventually gave her the title of the mother of the Ravens of antimony and she also has a great connection to them, and control over them. Throughout the next couple of months I spent my time charging them more in order to empower them with strength. I also watched over and communicated with them in order to make sure that they were developing correctly.  from here on out I started using them in my practice more and more and they eventually became a staple of it, and on 6/2/2016 I posted my first post relating to the ravens of antimony online, which allowed them to be interacted with more by other practitioners. After this time I continued working on them associating, and giving them more metaphysical properties, and thinking of ways to use them to empower my magickal practice. At this point I see the ravens of antimony as a very powerful aspect of my practice, and I call upon them in certain situations to manifest things quickly, and effectively.


  1. That’s awesome, I don’t know why but I knew you are 24. You are very talented at this and I gather it has to do with your trance meditations in your past lives. Its difficult in this time-space to channel such things in trance, its difficult enough to get into trance as the enemy is working solidly to take our spiritual gifts away.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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