These healing sigils go through the process of focusing your will on a specific goal, and because of this can make your healing more effective while using them. These sigil can be drawn in the air or drawn as physical representations, so that they can be focused upon, charged, and activated to be used in spiritual healing workings. most of the time these are sigil will be drawn and they are using the empowered hands of the practitioner and then push through in order to begin their process of activation but these sigils can also be written down physically and used to facilitate their metaphysical properties that way.

The ravens of antimony sigils:

The ravens of antimony is a 36 letter alphabet of desire, and these sigils could be used in order to manifest the will of the practitioner through the drawing and empowerment of their sigils. Each letter of the ravens of antimony alphabet is connected to a specific servitor which can be worked with in order to empower your working. The most useful ravens of antimony for the practice of Libratumilera are going to be Sha, GA,CA, VA, ARD, WA, and XA.

ROA LIB 2.png

Sigil of healing energy: Knasha

This healing energy sigil calls forth healing energy, so that you are able to focus it into situations, or entities where it is needed.

Sigil of rejuvenation: Knawa

This sigil is for grounding, centering, cleansing, charging, and balancing. it is used in order to facilitate a state of being in which the energy of the patient is sustained, open, and refreshed, and it will try to bring things back to their natural state.

Sigil of relaxation: Shaknala

This sigil is for relaxation of the patient, and we’ll go through the process of relaxing on a physical mental and spiritual leveland even environmental level

Sigil of cord cuting: Paba

This Sigil is to cut off the patient from specific energies, and connections, such as their connection to the practitioner. Can also be used in order to separate bindings, or magickal links on entities or constructs.

Sigil of protection: Caca

This is a sigil for protection, shielding, and warding that goes through the process of shielding you, and warding you from negative influences.

Sigil of banishment: Ardard

This is a sigil for banishing entities, and situations out of your life, and is used for forcing things out and releasing things.

Sigil of personal empowerment: Skadai

This is a sigil to facilitate self esteem, self worth,  self confidence, self discipline, motivation, integrity, and authenticity within a patient.

Sigil of enlightenment: Xaxa

This is a sigil to facilitate self realization, enlightenment, and ascension within a patient. It does not instantly send you through such processes, but instead guides you towards things to get you in that state of being

Sigils 4 2.png

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