Shaknayamasa is the goddess of the practice of Libratumilera. She is an archetypal goddess of the spiritual philosophy of Viadescioism, and is the goddess of water, wisdom, health, love, beauty, peace, sleep, and charity. She is a powerful healer, because as an archetype she is connected to the facets of existence that that are of healing. She is present in all forms of healers from practitioners of western medicine to other forms of alternative, or traditional healing, and she is in any other place where the healer would be.

Shaknayamasa can be worked with in Libratumilera, and can be called forth during the working of the practice in order to provide help, power, and guidance to the working that is going on, if the practitioner chooses to work with her. she is not a goddess in the aspect of being an entity that one has a relationship with, but is much rather the aspects and existence of things that are already present with inside practice and is the communication with those aspects that are present within her archetypal nature. Her like the rest of the Viadescioic divines do not demand worship, and are perfectly accessible to all people who want to work with them.

In order to call forth Shaknayamasa, and to recognize her with in the world. You can do it simply through the act of calling out to her especially during your practice in relation to healing. To do this all you would have to do is get into an altered state of consciousness then say out loud or within your head something such as” I call for it the power of Shaknayamasa to Aid me in my healing practice”, or or you could go through the process of repeating her name multiple times over and over again saying to yourself or out loud “Shaknayamasa”.

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