Libratumilera has its own form of energy healing that can be used by any form of practitioner who chooses to learn it. Libratumilera energy healing primarily focuses on healing the spiritual aspect of any form of individual, or situation that this practice is used upon. This energy healing works through the understanding that energy can be controlled by the practitioner through energy work, and can be channeled by the practitioner in order to direct it into the spiritual aspect of an individual, or situation in order to facilitate healing.

This energy can be called upon through energy work techniques, or it can be invoked through the healing sigils of Libratumilera. Simply by opening up the channel, and by laying your hands upon yourself, or others, while willing your energy to heal by focusing upon it can create spiritual change. It can help the energy have a starting point closer to the point where the target may have an energy blockage, and it will also allow the energy to be more focused on a specific area, which help in effectiveness. You would be able to do this by simply placing your two hands upon the body in different areas, which will move energy between them. This energy flow will go through the process of energetically healing everything between point A, and point B. This is good for healing specific energy channels in the body, and making sure that a specific path between the energy centers is clear. Energy can also be sent over long distances, and can transcend time, and space because of this you do not need to be in the same room with your target, or you can send it to places in the past or places in the future, and you are able to do this through the power of visualization, taglocks, or a surrogates.

This process requires you to know how to use energy, and some of these sigils will be needed in the healing process:

Sigils 4 2.jpg

The process of Libratumilera Energy Healing:

There are six steps to Libratumilera energy healing. These steps are:

  • Environmental preparations
  • Personal preparation
  • Energy scanning
  • Cleansing
  • Energy Projecting
  • Releasing

These processes will lead you through the process of Libratumilera energy healing, and will make sure that your session is effective, and precise. For the target that you have picked to use it upon whether it is an individual or situation.

Environmental preparations:

Libratumilera energy healing should be done in a quiet, and comfortable place. This environment should also be cleansed, shielded, and warded in order to protect the target during the process of there session. this can be done through the use of the Sigils, or it can be done by setting up these processes through other methods.

In order to do this with the sigils you will need to draw the Libratumilera healing sigil Caca in the air in each of the four directions, and after drawing a sigil push your hand through it, and say out loud or in your head the word “Caca” (Cah-Cah). Once they have been drawn, and activated, take to the floor and draw the Sigil of Knasha, and also push in to it, and say out loud, or in your head the word “Knasha”(K-Nah-Shah).

This will go through the process of setting up a basic space in which energetic healing can be done. This space will be cleansed, warded, and shielded by these sigils. The process can be done without setting up a space though, but this allows outside influences to interact with the target during the process of energetic healing, which can become problematic depending upon what it is.

Personal preparation:

In the personal preparation step you are going to need to enter an altered state of consciousness, center, and ground yourself, connecting with outside influences, and finally you will empower your hands.

First you need to focus, and quiet your mind. Sit, or stand in a comfortable position and allow your body to relax by slowly focusing on your breathing. Take some time to allow all of your muscles in your body to relax, and try to focus your thoughts on relaxing, if other focuses come into your mind acknowledge them, and allow them to dissipate. Continue doing this until you feel you are in a relaxed state, and are in an altered state of consciousness.

Now focus on your own personal energy and see it flowing throughout your body. Visualize it gathering up together within your solar plexus and forming a ball of energy. Allow that ball of energy to build up strongly soaking in energy from all over your body. Now see Roots extending out of this energetic central ball down into the earth strongly connecting yourself to it. This will not only connect you to the earth but to your ancestors, your physical being and the world around you. also from the central energetic ball see beam shootout words up through your head, and into the sky. See this beam connecting to all of existence particularly your higher self, and the divine archetype of Shaknayamasa. During this process practitioners can be empowered through the calling of deities, spirit guides, source, or Shaknayamasa. Once you have done this sit and feel your center, and its connections to below, and above.

Next we are going to want to empower your hand. The process of hand empowerment will open the energy centers of the hand so that energy can flow more effectively from them. This process will make it easier for you to use healing energy.

In order to start empowering your hand first start with the opposite pointer, and index finger of the hand you are not empowering, and place these two fingers in the palm of the other hand.

Say the word “Ardshakna” (Ard-Shah-Knah) meaning cleanse, purification, and cure.

Starting in the center of your palm, move your fingers to the tip of your middle finger, then to the tip of  your pointer finger, then to the tip of your pinky finger, then to the tip of your thumb, then to the tip of your ring finger, then back to the tip of your middle finger, then bring your fingers back to the center of your palm.

Say the word  “Aiokna” (Ah-Ee-Oh-Knah) meaning bringing power to a higher degree, increase of effectiveness, or simply the word very.

Do the movement over your hand again like we did earlier:

Start in the center of your palm, then move your fingers to the tip of your middle finger, then to the tip of  your pointer finger, then to the tip of your pinky finger, then to the tip of your thumb, then to the tip of your ring finger, then back to the tip of your middle finger, then bring your fingers back to the center of your palm.

Once you get to this point move your hand above slightly above the other so that the Palms are facing each other, and finish by saying the word “Skaar” (Skah-Ar) meaning ‘so be it.’

You will then be able to do this on your other hand, so that you will be able to empower both of your hands.

Energy scanning:

In order to do this energy healing the practitioner must go through the process of energetically scanning the spiritual body in order to find out where certain issues lie. This can be done by passing the hands over the body, or by meditating with the target. When doing this with your hands you do not have to touch the target’s body, and can be a inches away. When doing this through meditation you will need to enter an altered state of consciousness, and then imagine as clearly as you can the spiritual body of the target. By visualizing their spiritual body you will be able to examine their body with your third eye seeing the issues. Certain disturbances may come up as pressure, tingling, changes in temperature, or negative feelings which then you will simply be able to proceed to heal, if you are able to see them with your third eye they may appear as unpleasant looking forms. Proceed to look over the entire target’s body before moving onto the rest of the healing process.


Once you have located the issues in the energetic body you must go through the process of cleansing the issues away before you bring a healing energy to replace it.

Visualize the area where the issue is taking place in the body and draw the Sigil of Ardard, and then brush your hand over the spot while visualizing clearing away the issues, and while chanting the word “Ardard” (Ard-Ard), during this process you also do not have to touch the body. You will want to do this until the energy of the area is clean. You can also go through the process of using salt water on the area in which the issue is in order to cleanse it.

Once the energy of the place has been cleansed move on to the next step.

Energy projecting:

Once the area is cleansed it is a free space that could be filled with new healing energy to promote the healing of the energy system, and to provide the system with new energy to work with. Focus and visualize on the spot you just went through the process of cleansing, and draw the Sigil of Knasha, then push your hand through the sigil, and push it into the target’s being while chanting the word “Knasha” (K-Nah-Shah). Do this until the space feels energized to you. You are also able to draw this sigil, and push into it in two different areas at the same time in order to create a healing chain between two spots. This will allow you to heal specific energetic channels within the body.


Lastly the practitioner must separate the connection between them, and their target which was facilitated when you were going through the process of healing them. For the practitioner to cut the  cord all they must do is draw the sigil of  Paba then speak out loud or in your head the word “paba” (Pah-Bah) while doing so, and imagining the cord breaking. The process of healing will continue working even after the target is cut off.


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