A binaural beat is an auditory illusion of a tone that is created by two different tones. Binary beats were first first discovered in 1839 by a Prussian physicist, and meteorologist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. He discovered that, tones slightly played at different frequencies to each ear produced the perception of a specific frequency within the head, based upon the other two frequencies each ear was hearing. This means if one ear was hearing a tone at the frequency of 200 Hz, and the other ear was hearing a tone at the frequency of 215 Hz, the individual would perceive the 15 hurts that separates both of them.

Binary beat wave pattern:

Binary beats have different wave patterns in which they correlate to, which are based upon the frequency of brain waves. This is a list of them below though there are many different interpretations of where the ranges are, though this is the one that I found to be most useful, and present within most people’s understandings.

Delta patterns: 0.1-4 Hz for deep sleep.
Theta patterns: 4-8 Hz for REM sleep, and meditation.
Alpha pattern: 8-12 Hz for relaxation.
Beta pattern: 12-40 Hz for concentration, and alertness.
Gamma patterns: 40 – 100 for Hz concentration, and memory recall.

Benefits binary beats:

The benefits in which binary beats provide are things such as:

  • Help induce deep meditative states, and sleep
  • Increase concentration, and memory recall
  • Help lower stress, and anxiety

How to use binaural beats:

All you need in order to use binary beats is to simply listened to them in a pair of stereo headphones, but it would also be helpful if you found a comfortable space, and wore comfortable clothing, so that you would really be able to connect with the binary beats as they are being played.

You are able to find one hour binary beats here at my YouTube channel:

Delta wave patterns: https://youtu.be/fnPXnBcd4_I
Theta wave patterns: https://youtu.be/_6z-JtqamT0
Alpha wave pattern: https://youtu.be/knIWQbmmhPU
Beta wave pattern: https://youtu.be/LzP_0FGjEPY
Gamma wave patterns: https://youtu.be/dMnmKC1O_pY

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