Naknayamasa Sigil 2.png

Naknayamasa is the divine emanation of Air, they are like the philosopher, they are knowledgeable, and rational.

Naknayamasa is the second born and you are able to find Naknayamasa in all forms of Air. Naknayamasa is also very quick, logical, communicative, and focus, but can be blunt, and hyperactive. They not only have control over their element, and the aspects of their element, but they are also the element themselves. Naknayamasa is one of the constructs that Damakna, and Dasakna will use to give substance to the 3 canvases of existence.

Naknayamasa is the yamasa of the practice of Viadescioism itself and is present within all forms of knowledge, philosophy and religion. It is the muse for all individuals as they strive to learn more and to connect the dots of what is possible in this existence.

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