Shaknayamasa Sigil 2.png

Shaknayamasa is the divine emanation of water, they are like the healer, they are wise, intuitive, and sensitive.

Shaknayamasa is the Third born and you are able to find Shaknayamasa in all forms of water. Shaknayamasa is wise, intuitive, and sensitive, but it is also very emotional, and indirect. They not only have control over their element, and the aspects of their element, but they are also the element themselves. Shaknayamasa is one of the constructs that Damakna, and Dasakna will use to give substance to the 3 canvases of existence.

Shaknayamasa is the yamasa of the practice of Libratumilera. They are present in all forms of healers from practitioners of western medicine to other forms of alternative, or traditional healing, and they are in any other place where the healer would be. Shaknayamasa can be worked with in Libratumilera, and can be called forth during the working of the practice in order to provide help, power, and guidance to the working that is going on, if the practitioner chooses to work with her. Shaknayamasa is a healer, and is dedicated to healing the mind, body, and spirit. It connects, and heals all that it comes in contact with, and brings balance, and harmony back to being.

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