Ladaqa sigil 2.png

Ladaqa is the yamasa of mind. The Ladaqa is the middle divine aspects of existence that make up all of the mental parts of existence. Ladaqa connects both Madaqa, and Sadaqa together, and acts as a bridge for things of the Madaqa to interact with the Sadaqa, and vice versa. The Ladaqa is the archetype of divinity that represents the mental planes of existence, ideas of divinity, and everything that exists within the mind. They are the divine emanation that makes up the space of the mental, and are one of the canvases where the tools of creation, and destruction create substance. The Ladaqa archetype makes up all mental entities, and constructs, and is there essence. The Ladaqa is connected to the self of the individual divinity. It is connected to the true divinity that we all possess. Ladaqa is also the center point and is the middle ground between everything, because of this it is quite ever-present, and is like a weaker form of Oxakna. It is also the child of the Damakna, and Dasakna, and is the balancing point between both of them.

Ladaqa gives power to both Naknayamasa, and Shaknayamasa.

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