Uknayamasa sigil 2.png

Uknayamasa is the first born, and you are able to find Uknayamasa in all forms of Fire.

Uknayamasa is quick, powerful, creative, and passionate, but is also very aggressive, and direct in the way that it chooses to manifest. They not only have control over their element, and the aspects of their element, but they are also the element themselves. Uknayamasa is one of the constructs that Damakna, and Dasakna will use to give substance to the 3 canvases of existence. Uknayamasa is a warrior and is offensive, and defensive. it is powerful, Brave, strong, and aggressive, and will do what it takes to claim victory, and to overtake whatever stands in their way.

Uknayamasa is the yamasa of the practice of Arda, and because of this brings victory in battle, strategy, and tactics and is anywhere that is consumed in Fire, and Blood.

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