Oxakna Sigil 2.png

Oxakna is the yamasa of existence. It is the source of everything, and it makes up the monadic nature of the existence, and is the divine oneness of all. Whatsoever is, is in Oxakna, and without Oxakna nothing can be. It is not so much an entity as it is a construct, and does not create intelligent design as much as it is the kna, and materials for that design. Oxakna is present within all things because it is all things. It is not only present in the physical, but the mental, and the spiritual as well. Even in our stories, our fiction it is still present in ever corner of being. Oxakna as both immanent in the manifested world, and yet transcendent to it. Oxakna is nature and because of that is not Supernatural in anyway.

The essence of Oxakna does not change, though it’s emanations can be used like building blocks to form all things. All things stay the same, flowing from one building block to another interacting in different ways. It has always existed, and it will never be destroyed. It encapsulates, and interpenetrates everything. It is the thing that everything is made out of. It is part of everything that has been, everything that is, and everything that will be. It is present in this universe, and all the others, and is the main essence of existence itself. It could be perceived as a deity, but it is definitely different than the other deities. It is not “good” nor “evil” and is truly neutral. It itself is formless, but it takes many forms. It is unable to be seen, but it can be seen everywhere. It has no gender, it holds no beliefs, it does not command, and it does not speak.

Oxakna is neutral, eternal, infinite, and powerful. Every aspect of Oxakna is in divine harmony as it flows, changes, and interacts with itself throughout its existence, and it is always how it is supposed to be. Everything is an emanation of Oxakna, and connecting with any form of divinity, or aspect of existence is connecting with the divine source. They are something that is incomprehensible, infinite, and stretches throughout all time, and space.

Oxakna is the head emanation of everything, and is the monad of the all. The beauty, richness, and diversity of the natural world are all expressions of the attributes of Oxakna. It is knowable throughout all aspects of existence, and can be perceived both externally, and internally by an individual. We are in the likeness of Oxakna, and Oxakna is in the likeness of us. All things originated from Oxakna, and so do all things return. There is no inherent purpose, or reason for Oxakna, or anything that is an emanation of it to exist. Outside of Oxakna there is nothing, but the void which is referred to as skaknayaack.
Oxakna divides into two emanations of it’s divinity, these are Damakna, and Dasakna.

Oxakna, as it is understood by viadescioism is being. Supreme being. The essence of existence that is. It is all-encompassing, because anything that can be interacted with or has a form of essence is a being. It is omniscient, because it is all things, and therefore contains all the knowledge of those things. It is infinite, because Infinities exist such as time, and the number line. It is all powerful, because it is all that could be described as powerful.

There is not too much things that we can be certain of in this world, but one thing that we can be is that in some way we exist, and that existence is Oxakna. There is no being that could be more Supreme than existence itself as it is all of the being in the world, and its potential.

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