The process of divine absorption allows the individual to bring in the archetypal aspects of the Divines, so that they can be used in order to improve one’s working. This is done by invoking the Divines into your being, so for a moment you can connect with their essence allowing your mind, body, and spirit to work with the essence of that divine. In Viadescioism this can be done with any of the 10 divines whether that be Oxakna, Damakna, Dasakna, Madaqa, Ladaqa, Sadaqa, Uknayamasa, Naknayamasa, Shaknayamasa, or Daknayamasa. The personality aspects of the entities will become apparent in the person while they absorb the Divine aspect, and they will also be able to interact more closely with what the Divine has residents over, and is connected to. Multiple practitioners can do this at one time, because the divine’s are archetypal elements of existence which are present within all things, and can be harnessed by all things. The practitioner is simply choosing to embody one of these elements more than another. In order to enter such a state it takes willpower, focus, the ability to enter an altered state of consciousness, and a connection to the divine, because of this different people can have different levels of intensity when it comes to this practice, especially depending how the divine absorption is induced.

The process of going about divine absorption is quite simple all you must do is bring on an altered state of consciousness, through any such method of your choosing. Then from that state focus on the divinity you would like to absorb. This will usually be done through such things as visualization and chanting their name, so that you can envision there being flowing into you, and taking shape. The sigils of the divines could also be drawn up on your body, or could be stared into in order to induce such a state. One could also go through the process of making masks to represent the divines, so that when you wear them your Consciousness will instantly focus upon that divine, and you will take in its form as yours. Usually using the sigil to represent the face of the deity. Once you enter the Divine absorption state you will simply be able to leave by taking a few deep breaths, while visualizing the Divine form drifting away, and while also separating yourself from any connection points to the Divine, such as their sigils, and then exiting the altered state.

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