Aluminium – Mental Clarity, Intellect, Protection, Invisibility, Calming, Communication, Break Habits

Bismuth – Energy, Vitality, Transformation, Progression, Order

Copper – Love, Charisma, Beauty, Luck, Harmony, Peace, Receptivity, Friendship, Wisdom, Energy, Money, Healing, Initiative, Optimism, Diplomacy, Independence

Gold – Divinity, The Sun, Personal Growth, Wealth, Power, Longevity, Confidence, Vitality, Health, Success, Wisdom, Beauty, Authority

Iron – War, Power, Courage, Protection, Power, Vitality, Energy, Grounding, Strength, Aggression, Competition, Leadership, Will-power, Protection, Healing, Anti-nightmare, Destruction, Curses

Lead(Toxic) – Consolidation, Discipline, Patience, Concentration, Protective, Banishing, Breaking Bad Habits, Grounding, Curses

Mercury(Toxic) – Intelligence, Communication, Wisdom, Travel

Palladium – Knowledge, Wisdom, Psychic Power, Safe Travel, Foresight, Balance

Platinum – Balance, Harmony, Wealth, Prosperity, Protection, Healing

Silver – The moon, Intuition, Emotions, Wisdom, Psychic Sensitivity, Purification, Cleansing, Dreams, Love, Protection, Calm, Communication, Receptivity, Reaction, Reflection

Tin – Sexuality, Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Healing, Rejuvenation, Regeneration, Success, Luck, Relaxation, Honor, Divination, Success, Justice, Illumination, Knowledge, Home

Titanium – Protection, Health, freedom, Courage, Honesty, Independence

Tungsten – Strong, Powerful, Protection

Brass- Health, Wealth, Money, Resilience, Protection, Music, Communication, Prosperity, Abundance

Zinc – Warding, Invisibility, Protection, Intuition, Focus, Clarity, Grounding

Nickel – Creativity, Regeneration, Absorption, Inventiveness

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