Magick has rules. Ones that are not morally based, and are not subjective that have been observed time, and time again to consistently happen when people go through the process of doing their workings. These rules are why some things work better than others, and why every magical practitioner has a form of process to follow in order to carry out magick. These rules are usually referred to as laws, and are definitely not able to be broken, but also aren’t impossibly restrictive either, and can give rise to great creativity, and effectiveness in the same process. You can definitely see the science, and art aspects of magick here, where the specific process of manifestation is individually customized by the practitioner, the culture, or the tradition that is going through it’s processes.

We as practitioners may not always agree on all understandings of how the practice of magick functions, though there is an underlying process that we all utilize, even if we don’t know it. Every magickal working includes fundamental aspects of the process of magick. All of the rules have definitely not been documented yet, and practitioners are able to find more laws in which make magick work effectively through their own experimentation, observation, and practice throughout their magickal journey. As we all practice, and learn more we will be able to better document the laws of magic, and shed light on understandings that we use, but are not completely aware of. We may have different practices, paradigms, and traditions, that may hold different understandings based on the culture, history, and area in which they came up in, but there is only one process of magick, which we all utilize, we simply utilize it in different ways.

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