I primarily use the name wolf of antimony as a username on all my platforms, and I see it as a self given title sometimes writing it as “The Wolf of Antimony”. I originally came up with this name during the beginning stages of my practice around the age of 13, and it has stuck with me. It is a name that I feel represents me very well and is a name that I choose to represent my practice under, though I do not use it as my magickal name technically, and I suppose it would be an add-on to that. So I guess the full name for me in my magical practice would be “The Wolf of Antimony Phelan Sage Lunagenus”. Primarily The Wolf of antimony is connected to the energy of the wolf, which is a great connection point with me to my practice, while also inspiring understandings of power, strength, loyalty, freedom, path-finding, spirituality, honor, wisdom, success and re-birth. The name of the wolf of antimony also has the energy of antimony, which is connected to such things as enlightenment, spirituality, Transformation, and also the wolf. I also use the antimony, stibium, and/or stibnite alchemical symbol to represents me in my practice, and I also hope to pass down the title of the wolf of antimony to one of my apprentices as soon as they are ready to take up it.

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