The wolf of antimony is the founder of viadescioism and was the first to come in contact with the emanations. They studied and perfected their practice of occultism and esotericism since the year 2009. They also were the one who created the Arskasa ona, and the 13 Abominations, among other forms of skaqa ona for viadescioism.

Wolf first started practicing because of a calling they had when they were 13 years old one night while sitting alone, so they started researching, and they haven’t stopped. Throughout their journey they learned many different things, and interacted with so many different people. They first started with learning kna work, and then moved on to new age understandings, from there they learned about paganism, and witchcraft, which then brought them to learn about Ceremonial Magick, philosophy, religious studies, and many other practices. Most of their research, and study was done online, though they did go through the process of also reading books, and communicating with other practitioners.

The name wolf of antimony comes from their connection their spiritual Affinity with the wolf, and the importance that that plays in their spirituality, philosophy, and life. Antimony is also connected to the wolf, which is why they use its symbol to represent theirself. Antimony also has metaphysical properties of protection, self-reflection, illumination, and enlightenment, which they feel resonate quite well with their practice. Their connection to the wolf comes from their therianthropy, and their connection to their animal skacaga.

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