Calling the quarters also sometimes referred to as calling the corners is a ritualistic magickal practice that invokes the elements, and the directions into your magickal working. Once invoked the corners will give you a connection to the four elements which will empower your ritual, and will ward over your space. This practice comes from ceremonial magick, and it has been adapted into many different forms of practices in order to see the needs of the practitioners that use it. Different Traditions have different associations for the directions, and because of this the quarters may represent different elements depending upon the tradition, the lay of the land, or the position of the celestial bodies within the sky. The practitioner should use the elemental correspondence of the directions that is a part of their tradition, or a part of their personal path, in most cases.

The elemental directions system that I use is one based off the layout of the land in which I’m located, and is connected to specific landmarks in the different directions of my living environment, because of this I see North as earth, East as water, South as fire, and West as air, and will most likely be using my correspondences in the example below.

There are many different ways of going through this process but I’m going to teach you the most simple, and fundamental way in this post. By no means is this the most traditional, or best way of doing it, but is simply a basic way to go about it in order to introduce the concept.

You are most likely going to want to do this process after you have set up your protection, but before you commence your manifestation. You do not have to do it in this specific order, but this is an example of how you would go about calling each individual corner. It may be a good idea to lay something that is associated with each element in each respective corner, so that that item can hold the element in your space. This process is usually done in a clockwise order starting with the beginning element in your tradition, though I have found it does not matter exactly what place you start at as long as you invoke every element.

So in order to explain this process let me go over how to invoke the element of Fire. First you would start out by facing the direction that you associate with fire. Then you are going to want to visualize as strongly as you can be element of fire within this direction, and you are also going to want to visualize why this is connected to fire in your tradition, or practice. While doing this speak out loud or within your head something as simple as “I call upon the element of fire to be present within my ritual.” The words are not as important as what intention you are trying to display, and what will you are trying to set fourth. Do this until you feel the presence of the element within the space, or until a good amount of time has passed once you have reached this point you can then turn clockwise and begin calling the next element. You want to continue doing this with each element until you return back to this beginning place.

Once you have called every element, and they are now present within your space, from here on out you can continue with the rest of your ritual knowing that you are connected to the four elements, and can use their power in order to empower your magickal working. At the end of the ritual you want to do the same process in reverse. Saying goodbye to each element as you called them. Thanking them for their energy, and presence within your ritual. It is important to go through this process so that you can return the space back to how it was naturally.

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