In the process of chanting meditation the practitioner will chant a specific phrase, or affirmation in order to focus upon it, while in an altered state of consciousness. Chants primarily will be used in order to set one’s mind into this altered state, and will allow the mind to meditate in a focused way. Chanting will also allow a practitioner to put kna into what the chant focuses them upon, so that it is able to manifest, or it will allow them to imprint it with in their mind changing their thoughts, and feelings manually around a specific concept. Most often these words are repeated, or can even be held for a long period of time in order to make their presence long-standing, and to instill the idea deeply into their meditation. The chant can either be long, or short, and in any form of language. It can be made up by the individual, or it can be one from a specific source. These words do not need to be said out loud, and can even reside within the mind. This also does not seem to change its effectiveness, and as long as there is meaning within the words that you are chanting, and focusing upon you will be able to use them to help you in your practice.

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