So I wanted to make this overview post on otherkinity primarily because when I first started my Tumblr blog I wrote a post on otherkinity, and got my first hateful comment as a content creator, which almost made me delete my blog back then, so I’m back to make the post correctly, hopefully using the skills that I’ve learned from my time making posts in order to produce something better, and I also hope that I can help educate people on what otherkinity is.


Otherkinity is more than what you probably have heard about it. It is something that many people are, and work with on a regular basis throughout their life. Despite common belief this understanding did not originate from Tumblr, though it has found a community there, and it actually has a full history that will not be communicated here. An otherkin is a person who experiences identifying with some form of nonhuman entity. The identity in which the person is connected to is referred to as a kintype, though in connection to therianthropy (which is a form of otherkinity), it can also be known as a theriotype. The kintype is not a separate, or external part of the individual, and an otherkin can have multiple of these kintypes. Because, we truly do not know what causes someone to experience otherkinity individuals may have different ways in which they perceive their identity. Individuals can identify with there kintype in a spiritual, psychological, and/or neurological way, and all of these different ways may have different elements that one believes contributed to them being an otherkin.

Types of Otherkin:

This is a list of some of the more common types of otherkin, and not all of the types are listed here.

Therian – Are individuals who identify in some way as an animal that exists, or has existed.

Mythkin – Are individuals who identify in some way as a mythical creature.

Plantkin – Are individuals who identify in some way as a plant.

Fictionkin – Are individuals who identify in some way as an entity that is fictional.


Awakening is the term that is given to the process of realizing that one is an otherkin. This process can happen at any time, though it has been observed to usually happens earlier during the teenage years of one’s life. An individual can use self examination, and reflection in order to truly know if they are an otherkin, or not.


Shifting is the process of becoming more like your otherkin identity for a temporary amount of time. Not all otherkins experience shifting, but this process can happen voluntarily, or involuntarily. Involuntary shifts can be triggered through emotions, or being in a situation that connects you to your otherkinity. Voluntarily shifts are shifts that are brought on by the individual. Some other cans also believe that they are in a constant state of being shifted, and because of this they do not shift, but they are always presently shifted.

Types of shifts:

This is a short list of the basic types of shifts. All the types of shifts may not be listed here.

Mental Shifts, or M-Shifts: Mental shifts are shifts where the individual gets in the mindset of their kintype. Most of the time this results in individuals simply experiencing a process of thinking that they would associate with their kintype. It could also result in the individual then making sounds that mimic their kintype, and doing other things that their kintypes would do.

Phantom Shifts, or Ph-Shifts: Phantom shifts is much like the understanding of phantom limb syndrome. This is where the individual will feel phantom aspects of their kintype, such things as tails, ears, wings, fur, and teeth, along with other things will be felt by the individual. One or multiple of these things can happen at a time, and it also can feel slight, or quite intense.

Dream Shifts: Dream shifts are shifts into your kintype within your dreams. This can happen within a state of lucidity, but it can also be brought on simply in your normal dreaming state.

Astral Shifts: Astral shifts are shifts into your kintype on the astral plane of existence. This is a spiritual shift that changes your astral form into that of your kintype and this process will occur in out of body experiences, and astral projection.

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