Crystals are used in many different forms of spiritual practices in order to facilitate certain outcomes. Why crystals work is usually not always understood, which has led them to be used in situations, and practices in which they are not as helpful. The metaphysical properties of crystals are physical, mental, and spiritual like everything else, and it is a combination of these elements that give rise to their effectiveness.

Spiritual properties:

The crystalline structure of the crystals allows crystals to release energy in an amplified form, unlike other materials. This crystalline structure of the crystal is shaped in different geometrical patterns which allows energy to flow more smoothly through it in a particular way, and because of this energy is continuously released from crystals, and it emanates around them interacting with the area. These energies are taken in by other entities, and constructs around the crystal, which can affect, or be used by those entities, and constructs. The energy in which they produce is based on their crystalline structure, the color of the crystal, and your personal intention for them. The spiritual properties are useful at affecting things on a spiritual level.

Mental properties:

Mentally crystals work through belief, and the placebo effect. Allowing one’s mine to do the work while attaching the intention of what they want to manifest within their mind through their Association to the crystal. In this way the crystal is used as a mental focusing tool to bring forth a certain idea in to an individual based off of what they associate with the crystal. These mental aspects are great at working on the mental level, and can help manipulate mental processes for an individual’s use.

Physical properties

Crystals also do have physical effects that they can bring forth, and that can be useful. Depending upon their physical makeup different crystals will have uses in forms of technology, or when interacting with other physical things in their environment. These physical properties can be scientifically proven, and are quite effective at working in the physical world.

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