Be skeptical when you come in contact with specific entities that you may believe to be your spirit guides that you are not sure of. If you already know one of your Spirit guides you can use that spirit guide to confirm the identity of the other spirit guides. This process is also able to be done if you are able to communicate with your higher self, because it was your higher self who chose them to help you. You could also go through the process of using divination in order to identify them by asking the questions about their identity during your divination session. There is also an internal intuition that you have to your spirit-guide when they appear to you that can help you identify them. It is important also to keep in mind that spirit guides do not act in a way that would jeopardize your well-being, and because of this any entity that would be doing so would not be your spirit guide. By using these tips you will be able to identify your spirit guides when they do show themselves to you. Also remember to use protection during your process of looking so that you do not come in contact with entities that may try to deceive you.



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