A spirit guide is a spiritual disincarnated entity that guides, and/or guards an incarnated protégé. Spirit guides are a completely different concept from the understandings of spirit companions. The main difference being that spirit guides are assigned, or connected to you by your higher self, and a spirit companion is a obligational, or companionable spiritual entity that has chosen to work with, or interact with an individual. The term spirit guide was first used in western spiritualism, and was later also used in theosophy, and from both of these sources eventually ended up being instilled within the new age understandings.

Spirit guides can be any form of spiritual entity, and also usually choose to take the form of something that is comfortable to be individual. Everybody has spirit guides, and they usually have between 1 to 10, though an individual may not be aware of them, and this grouping of spirit guides is usually referred to as your spirit council. The spirit Council can be hierarchical but does not have to be, and can be democratic, and equal.

Your spirit guides are already with you but you are simply not aware of their presence as they watch and help you from the shadows. Finding and interacting with your Spirit guides can be a very empowering experience. Spirit guides are primarily found through the use of divination, meditation, and spiritual awareness, and you could start the process of finding them by simply giving them permission to come to you.

Spirit guides will come to you when it is their time for you to know them for some people this will be very early in there life, and for others they may not be very present at all. You cannot force them to show up to you, but you can give them a space, and you can show them that you are ready to meet them. Your spirit guides are vetted by your higher self which makes them a safe, and important spiritual ally that is always close to you, and that you can trust. Spirit guides are fully autonomous and they are fallible, but they are here to help you out and are not your slaves.

The two main jobs of Spirit guides are guiding, and guarding. Guiding you by helping you with certain problems that you interact with in your life while also helping you to learn lessons, and guarding which is keeping you safe from dangerous outside influences. Every spirit guide you have will focus on one of these two aspects, but may have a specific thing they are guiding you towards, or are trying to protect you from.

You can communicate with them through your thoughts, because they are always listening. Eventually if you work with them enough you will be able to hear them speak back,and in meditation you’ll be able to see them in your sacred space, and be able to ask them questions. when the guide has taught you the lesson it needed to, or has protected you from what it needed to protect you from it may end up taking its leave. Through the act of them teaching you things, giving you advice, asking them questions, and spending time in their company, you can learn about them, and form a bond. You are also able to give your spirit guides offerings, and honor them if you would like. Spirit guides are some of our greatest mentors we have down the road of spirituality, and of life, and by knowing and working with them we can greatly empower are being.



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