The word viadescioism comes from the latin word “via” meaning road, way, highway, or path, the Latin word “de” meaning “of” , and the Latin word “scio” meaning knowledge, while being combined with the suffix of -ism implying a practice, system, or doctrine. This makes the word viadescioism literally come out to the path of knowledge. The individual who practices viadescioism would be known as a viadescioist.

The 10 Divines: 

  1. Oxakna is the deity of existence, eternity, unity, divinity, infinity, destiny, fate, and is the gods of the gods.
  2. Damakna is the god of creation, projectivity, activity, and is the father of the gods.
  3. Dasakna is the goddess of destruction, receptivity, passivity, and is the mother of the gods.
  4. Madaqa is the god of light, day, the sun, law, order, justice, oath, loyalty, and beginnings.
  5. Ladaqa is the deity of balance, connection, and the mind.
  6. Sadaqa is the goddess of darkness, night, disease, the moon, madness, chaos, deception, wealth, the dead, endings, and physicality.
  7. Uknayamasa is the god of fire, protection, power, passion, war, sex, strength, bloodshed, and violence.
  8. Naknayamasa is the god of air, communication, music, art, poetry, knowledge, reason, wisdom, intelligence, skill, strategy, festivals, marriage, travel, trade, and language.
  9. Shaknayamasa is the goddess of water, love, self-love, healing, sleep, dreams, psychic work, beauty desire, pleasure, attraction, peace, and charity.
  10. Daknayamasa is the goddess of earth, nature, magick, witchcraft, divination, grounding, hunting, wilderness, animals, agriculture, vegetation, harvest, animals, growth, fertility, childbirth, luck, and the hearth.

The 10 virtues:

  1. Xaoxa is the highest point in one’s development.
  2. Najaar is the higher knowledge one should strive for, so that they will be able to break the chains of ignorance, and to be able to have understanding of all things.
  3. Umao is the wellness of an individual that is brought by the right actions to put one in said state.
  4. A’jau is walking up on the right path with respect, ambition, authenticity for yourself, and for all things that you would consider good.
  5. Laarda is the virtue that focuses on the middle way, so that you do not find extremes and can maintain a healthy, and dynamic balance in all things.
  6. Tau is excellent character, and soundness of mind that results in Temperance, patience, self-discipline, and self-confidence.
  7. Vadaska is the understanding of acting, speaking, or thinking without restraint or hindrance.
  8. Davaabt is a modest, or low view of one’s own importance.
  9. Xaeua is unconditional love for all things.
  10. Abtgha is the calmness, and stableness of body, mind, and spirit, while in all situations.


  • The Elements of Viadescioism


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