This is a list of spirit species in which I believe in, and is based on how I choose to categorize entities. This is not a complete list, and will change with time.

Nature Spirits:

Nature Spirits are spiritual entities that are connected to spiritual aspects of nature. These entities are usually greatly connected to what they are the spirit of, and usually can only reside within, around, or connected to an aspect of the construct. spiritual forms are very different for every entity and can include humanoid form, animal form, form of mythical creatures, or simply a form of spirit orb.

Some forms of nature spirit:

  • Planetary Spirit
  • Tree Spirits
  • Forest spirits
  • Groves spirits
  • Sea spirits
  • River spirits
  • Crystal Spirits
  • Stone Spirits
  • Star Spirits
  • Mountain Spirits
  • Flower Spirits
  • Lakes Spirits
  • Land Spirits
  • Mountain Spirits
  • Music Spirits
  • Art Spirits
  • Knowledge Spirits
  • Night spirits
  • House spirits
  • Nation spirits


Elementals are entities that embody one of the four classical elements, and are simply an aspect of it. their forms usually represent aspects of that element, but besides that they can pretty much taken any form.

  • Earth Spirit
  • Water Spirit
  • Air Spirit
  • Fire Spirit

Thought Forms:

Thought forms are entities that I created from mental will, usually these entities need to feed in order to continue existing.

  • Poltergeist
  • Servitor
  • Artificial Elemental
  • Egregores
  • Daemons
  • Tulpas
  • Godform


Parasites are entities that live off the existence of other entities. they do not seem to be bound by anything in travel freely searching to feed. they will usually attach themselves to specific entities that they can feed off of

  • Shadow People
  • Shadow Creatures
  • Ubi Incubi/Succubi


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