Sigurd is a thought form that was created by me (the wolf of antimony) in order to be a guardian. This entity was later separated into pieces, and these pieces were connected to the five elements also with the Fifth Element being split into two. These entities are known as the 6 wolf guardians, or are all refer to by the name Sigurd. The 6 wolf guardians are Diru, Guri, Ruid, Sigr, Ugur and Igur. Diru is a male wolf of fire. Guri is a female wolf of water. Ruid is a female wolf of earth. Sigr is a female wolf of air. Ugur is A male wolf , and Igur is A female wolf. They both are of spirit, but Ugur is connected to the masculine aspect, and Igur is connected to the feminine aspect. The 6 guardians are worked with in relation to ritual, and sacred spaces by being told to watch over specific areas in which their element is connected to. With Ugur watching over the above, and Igur watching over the blow. All of them have an antimony symbol burned into the front of their head that also glows blue, that allows them to be identified as one of the 6 guardians. These entities are used in many various rituals and practices that are done by the wolf of antimony, and are able to be used by other individuals who call upon these entities through the use of their name.


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