The answer is yes males can be witches. A witch is a person who practices the act of witchcraft, and because of this a male can identify, and practice as a witch. Though the idea of witches has been portrayed in popular culture specifically as a female practice, it is also important to remember that male practitioners have always also been a thing. There are thousands of examples of male witches both close, and far away from modern day.

Even during the witch trials men were also accused as witches, and even in the Malleus Maleficarum one of the biggest treatises on witchcraft in which greatly inspired the hunting of witches, and our ideas of witches, even recognize that males could be witches. Pretty much in any place you look in at history with the practice of witchcraft you are going to find both male, and female practitioners.

The etymology of the word witch also comes from the old English words “wicca” which meant male witch, and “wicce” which meant female witch, showing that these words combined in order to make a single term that could encapsulate both terms. It would also be odd for the people who used Old English to have a word for male witch without there being male witches to refer to. The word itself, and how it has been used through history seems to have always been more gender-neutral, and still continues to be used in that way to this day, even though in popular culture females are more likely to be considered witches it is important to remember that males have also always taken up that title, and practice.


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