Do drugs help, or hinder Spiritual and magickal practices?:

Drugs, and their role in spirituality, and magick is a very interesting topic. These substances being revered in some traditions, while being banned, and abstained from in others. From what We have found in our practice, it is not as simple as if they help or hinder, but it seems that they can be incredibly helpful in some ways, and hinder in others. Around subjects like this there is usually a lot of misinformation, because of pro-drug, and anti-drug practitioners releasing information to fit their side. We are really just going to be talking about drugs in general, and I am not advocating for the use, or non-use of any substances, and most likely will not be referring to any drugs by name. This post also includes alcohol as a drug.

How drugs help in spiritual, and magickal practices:

  • One of their main uses in spirituality, and magick is to help an individual enter an altered state of consciousness. From that altered state of consciousness, and individual can interact with, and be very close to the magickal World allowing them to cast Magick, interact with spiritual entities, be open to spiritual insights, or even journey.
  • Drugs can help the mind to express itself, and it is free to help lead you towards a specific goal, if you set your intention beforehand, allowing you to cross boundaries your mind otherwise would not allow you to cross.
  • It allows you to communicate with the kna of the drug, which may be able to give you insight.
  • Drugs do have the ability to put you in an altered state quickly, and pretty much forcibly.
  • It allows you to easily access the beginner’s mind to experience the world as new, which is very good for mystical experiences.
  • If the intention is set, and one is guided you are able to easily interact with subconscious, and unconscious parts of yourself that can be used to process trauma, and depression.

How drugs hinder in spiritual, and magickal practices:

  • Individuals are not able to disengage from the altered state of consciousness at any time of their own volition.
  • Your mind has a higher percent chance of leading you astray through the use of giving you information that may not be entirely helpful. That one may interpret to be more useful than it actually is.
  • It can lead to a dependence on a specific substance in order to enter an altered state of consciousness.
  • Certain parts of consciousness can be more open on certain drugs which can lead to retraumatization if certain parts of the mind are accessed that an individual is not ready to face.
  • Certain drugs can be bad for your health in certain ways depending upon the drug.
  • You are more easily spiritually influenced by spiritual entities which can end up being malevolent.

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  1. Also… because of the effect that some drugs generate positive feelings and emotions, some people tend toward an avoidant behavior and escapism, if their allday life is boring or uncomfortable. I have seen this in some spiritual people I worked with. They have good intentions but get nothing done.


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