There are many ways to go about creating your own personal spiritual practice. One that is completely unique to you, even though it may share elements with the practices of others. Making a personal spiritual practice allows you to start from scratch, and create your own spiritual tradition on what you believe, and have come to know to be true. If you have your own spiritual tradition you do not need to forgo your other traditions that you may be connected to and are able to practice both at the same time. When practicing both of these you are able to Paradigm Shift between understandings. Everybody is spiritual and because of this we have our own unique version of spirituality in which we can express.

These practices May incorporate such things as:

  • Personal understandings of deity.
  • Personal understanding of ethics and morals.
  • A personal way of thinking about magick.
  • A combination of existing, and newly developed philosophies.
  • Finding a way that you enjoy praying and honoring your deities.
  • Making and creating your own times of celebration.
  • Finding, and creating symbols that align with your own spiritual nature.
  • Creating your own forms of sacred text that hold your understandings, and rituals.
  • Find your own mental metaphysical properties.
  • Do your own research to develop your metaphysical understanding.
  • Create your own personal tools, and relics for your practice.
  • Create your own rituals of worship and Honor sacred in your life.
  • Create your own alphabet and language.
  • Creating magickal spells and rituals to manifest desires that are in line with your personal spiritual tradition.
  • Creating new forms of divination.

Creating a personal spiritual tradition can be quite a hard practice to begin, but once you get started it begins to form itself base around where you choose to take it.

The benefits of creating your own spiritual tradition are many. It will provide things such as:

  • Your entire practice forms closely around you, and your experiences.
  • You can connect with divinity in your own way, and in a form that suits your needs, and preferences.
  • Your practice will allow you to know yourself by needing you to study yourself inside, and out in order to continue progressing.
  • It allows you to dodge social problems related to other practices.
  • It will be connected to you on a personal level allowing you to add all of yourself into your practice.
  • You will have a much stronger connection to the sacred, and your deity, because of all the effort, and energy you put into constructing the Paradigm in which you interact with them through.
  • It will allow you to look, and find things that work best for you.
  • It will give knowledge of how everything fits together in your paradigm from the ground up.

This process can be quite labor-intensive because of you needing to put in order your own understandings. It usually takes a long time due to the fact that you have to build up everything from scratch yourself. You will definitely take experiences from the practices, and people you interact with. Allow yourself to use your own creativity to form your own spiritual experience which can incorporate many different aspects of your  life. You are going to want to shape your practice, or round why you choose to practice your craft, and to come to this understanding you may need to go on a little bit of soul searching. For this process you are going to want to take a lot of notes, as you go through the process of experiencing your path. Look into your past and find things that are connected to you on a spiritual level. Look to many different sources to gain inspiration for your personal practice. The rules will be made by you, and your morals, and will not feel restricting for they are part of you, because of this there will be no Dogma for you are the authority that lays everything out.

Primarily this process will have you start with a base, and extend out words for their. find what serves you and recorded. This process most likely will never be done, and you will continue adding onto it throughout your entire practice. Adding new things as they arise, and as you are shaped by your experiences. Adding things in and subtracting things away. At a certain point you’re spiritual practice will be pretty well flushed out, though there will always be work to do. This will be a State where a lot of the Core aspects of it are quite fixed, and well established. You’re going to want to be writing everything that you can down, so that you can learn from it, and add it into your understandings. It is constructed, and maintained through your own practice, and will. All you must do in order to get started is to start creating and recording aspects of your spiritual practice you’ve gained from your mystical experiences. Adopt nothing because people say it is true look into yourself, and find out if it is true for you, and is a reflection of reality.


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