7:1 From the Divine come the Obakna.

7:2 Oxakna is all-encompassing, and everything is of it.

7:3 Everything is interrelated, and interdependent.

7:4 Everything is alive, and has a spirit.

7:5 Everything is made of kna.

7:6 Truth exists.

7:7 All that exists, exists with truth.

7:8 Whatever is, is

7:9 Nothing can both be, and not be.

7:10 Everything must either be, or not be

7:11 Consciousness exists, and the I of the Consciousness is conscious of their existence.

7:12 Something exists, opposed to nothing.

7:13 Nothing comes from nothing.

7:14 Everything that can exist exists in some form presently.

7:15 That which exists will always exist, that which does not exist will never exist.

7:16 Nothing can be, and not be at the same time, and in the same respect.

7:17 There is an infinite number of things, that are unique in infinite aspects.

7:18 Anything that is created will eventually be destroyed, and whatever is moved is moved by another.

7:19 Every cause leads to an effect, every effect is also a cause.

7:20 Nothing rests; everything moves.

7:21 Nature abhors the void.

7:22 Nothing in nature is done in vain.

7:23 Everything that is experienced is within the mind.

7:24 That which is macro mimics that which is micro, that which is micro mimics that which is macro.

7:25 Math is not created, it is emergent, and is a language that describes the fundamental aspects of reality.

7:26 Time is emergent, and can only exist when there is change.

7:27 You are not passed you, and you are not future you you are only present you, and the rest are changes throughout time that you no longer inherent, or will inherent in the future.

7:28 Consciousness does exist.

7:29 Consciousness perceives existence.

7:30 For I know that I exist, For to question existence is to be.

7:31 The same causes in the same circumstances produce always the same effect.

7:32 Everything has its own unique characteristics, which makes it the same and different as other constructs.

7:33 Everything in existence has power, which is the capacity to direct, or influence in a particular way behaviors, actions, and qualities of itself, or of other constructs, or entities.

7:34 The amount of information is unlimited, and there is always something to learn, create, or to be discovered, and there will always be something new.


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