3:1 It is known by many names, but we refer to it as Oxakna.

3:2 The source of everything is Oxakna, it is the monadic nature of the universe, and is the divine oneness of all.

3:3 It has always existed, and will never be destroyed.

3:4 It encapsulates, and interpenetrates everything.

3:5 It is the thing that everything is made out of.

3:6 It itself is formless, but it takes many forms.

3:7 It is unable to be seen, but it can be seen everywhere.

3:8 It has no gender, it holds no beliefs, it does not command, and it does not speak.

3:9 Oxakna is neutral.

3:10 Oxakna is eternal.

3:11 Oxakna is infinite.

3:12 Oxakna is powerful.

3:13 Oxakna is immutable.

3:14 Oxakna is all preserving and is the self within all beings.

3:15 Oxakna can do anything that’s possible according to its nature.

3:16 It is independent, and self-sufficient, and does not require a creator, nor a destroyer, or any superior power to govern it.

3:17 Everything that is true, and everything that is false is known by, and resides within Oxakna.

3:18 Everything is an emanation of Oxakna, and connecting with any form of divinity, or aspect of existence is connecting with the divine source.

3:19 The beauty, richness and diversity of the natural world are all expressions of the attributes of Oxakna.

3:20 It is knowable throughout all aspects of existence, and can be perceived both externally, and internally by an individual.

3:21 We are in the likeness of Oxakna and Oxakna is in the likeness of us

3:22 All things originated from Oxakna, and so do all things return.

3:23 All entities, and all constructs are equal to, and are in the form of Oxakna.

3:24 All emanations of Oxakna are as important as each other, and none of them have priority, or superiority in the essence of divinity.

3:25 All things have souls, and souls are physical, mental, and spiritual, and are the full scope of the individual as it is separated out from Oxakna.

3:26 Every aspect of Oxakna is in divine harmony as it flows, changes, and interacts with itself throughout its existence, and it is always how it is supposed to be.

3:27 Oxakna flows in rhythms, and cycles, and always moves in patterns.

3:28 It expands, and contracts being brought together, and split apart constantly throughout existence.

3:29 Oxakna, and all of its emanations are constantly vibrating, and have always been in motion.

3:30 Everything in Oxakna is determined, and is based on earlier cause.

3:31 Everything of Oxakna is a part of the nature of that existence, and everything has its place within the circle of life, and the flow of Oxakna.

3:32 There is no inherent purpose, or reason for Oxakna, or anything that is an emanation of it to exist.

3:33 Within Oxakna that which exists will always exist, that which does not exist will never exist.

3:34 Outside of Oxakna there is nothing, but the void which is referred to as Skaknayaack.

3:35 Skaknayaack is absolute nothingness, it is not space, nor color, nor darkness, and is everywhere where Oxakna is not.

3:36 Skaknayaack cannot be experienced, and it cannot be defined.

3:37 The true essence of Oxakna, and Skaknayaack are incomprehensible to the mind, though one can hold ideas of simpler forms.

3:38 Oxakna divides into two emanations of it’s divinity, these are Damakna, and Dasakna.

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