2:1 Divinity is portrayed through the shape of Xalaqa, the triangle of 10 points which communicates existence through its geometry.

2:2 It has 10 points, 4 levels, 3 areas, and 18 paths.

2:3 The top point is the monad.

2:4 The two points beneath the monad is the dyad.

2:5 The three points beneath the dyad is the triad.

2:6 The four points beneath the triad are the tetrad.

2:7 And, from the tetrad all things are made.

2:8 For these points are the divines in their purest form.

2:9 The points of the Xalaqa used are known by many names in many different traditions.

2:10 The points are knowable through their forms though their essence cannot be known through site or word alone.

2:11 The right side is the masculine area, The left side is the Feminine area, and the middle is the area of Balance.

2:12 All of the paths connect all the points together, through connection to their neighbor.

2:13 It is the symbol of manifestation linking the dimensionless point with the manifestation of the first body.

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