4:1 Balance is essential, and Damakna, and Dasakna are the first principles of balance, and are the dualistic nature of existence.

4:2 They are present within everything, but are relative, being observed best with an opposites.

4:3 They both attract more of themselves, but Damakna does attracts Dasakna, and Dasakna does attracts Damakna, and they are in a constant dance throughout existence.

4:4 Damakna is the active, projective, fixed, creative, and objective aspects of existence, and Dasakna is the passive, fluid, recessive, destructive, and subjective aspects of existence.

4:5 Both of these divine aspects work together to facilitate divine balance, and harmony through the act of interacting with each other.

4:6 There is a little bit of Damakna in Dasakna, likewise there is also a little bit of Dasakna in Damakna.

4:7 Damakna, and Dasakna exist within relation to each other, and are simply two polarities on the Spectrum.

4:8 All constructs, and entities within existence have these two aspects making up all various parts of their being through different relationships in which they share.

4:9 Neither Damakna, or Dasakna is more, or less important, or valuable then the other.

4:10 There are two expressions of being, and there is no good, and there is no evil.

4:11 They are both very dynamic, and can be used to explain the relationship between all things.

4:12 When Damakna, and Dasakna come together they form a whole, separate there two wholes of a whole.

4:13 Damakna cannot exist without Dasakna, and Dasakna cannot exist without Damakna, they are part of each other.

4:14 Damakna can create forms from the being of Oxakna, and Dasakna takes substance out of being to return them back, or transforms it into something new.

4:15 It is impossible to have one without the other, since they are bound together as parts of a mutual whole.

4:16 Every advance is complemented by a retreat, and every rise transforms into a fall.

4:17 Damakna, and Dasakna are always opposite, and equal qualities

4:18 Whenever Damakna, and Dasakna reaches its peak, it will naturally begin to transform into the opposite.

4:19 Damakna creates the Madaqa, Dasakna creates the Sadaqa, and their interaction with each other gives birth to the Ladaqa.

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