8:1 Kna is the substance that makes up all.

8:2 It is physical, mental, and spiritual.

8:3 Kna vibrates at different frequencies which determine what it is.

8:4 Physical matter is Kna that vibrates at a very low frequency, while other forms of spiritual, and transcendent Kna vibrates at a much higher frequency.

8:5 Kna cannot be created, or destroyed, Kna can only be transferred, and has to go somewhere.

8:6 It has always existed Within Oxakna, and there is a finite amount of it.

8:7 Kna is conscious, and imprints of memory of anything it comes in contact with.

8:8 Kna will follow will from an individual.

8:9 Practitioners move with Kna, and allow it to work through them.

8:10 It flows throughout the spiritual body, and will pool in certain spots.

8:11 Kna is the most individualistic part of existence opposed to Oxakna which is the all-encompassing part of existence.

8:12 Two Kna ona that are alike will come, and be attracted to each other.

8:13 Kna ona that are the opposite of each other are attracted to each other.

8:14 When is a system of kna performs an action some kna is lost, and transferred out into the world in order to accomplish that action

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