10:1 Arkaba is not meant to be upheld by all practitioners of Viadescioism, and it is simply its philosophy for the closest way to live in a manner that is harmonious with being.

10:2 There are no true morals one can follow, and the correct thing to do always is based on the context, and is relative to the situation.

10:3 There is no inherent moral law, and all morals and ethics are a suggestion.

10:4 There is no form of cosmic justice in this existence though what is done will always plant seeds for fruit.

10:5 For we are all born with the right to choose, and from birth we exercise our right.

10:6 We enter this world morally neutral and we leave this world morally neutral.

10:7 Innocent are those who have not had enough time to make choices.

10:8 Every individual should try to cultivate their own good.

10:9 All of the virtues of Arkaba are a mean between 2 extremes.

10:10 The 10 virtues of Xaoxa, Najaar, Umao, A’jau, Laarda, Tau, Vadaska, Davaabt, Xa’ua’, and Abtgha are the core understandings of the Arkaba.

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