9:1 The intention is the direction.

9:2 Constructs will always be manifested through the path of least resistance, unless intended to take a different route.

9:3 Wherever one focuses one’s mind with intense thought, and with a certain intention or desire in mind, one transmits will that resonates with those intentions to it.

9:4 The will is the power.

9:5 Your will always follow your intention, no matter which way it leads.

9:6 The will must be equal or greater than the act that is being manifested.

9:7 Emotions can empower the will especially when they are strong and in line with your intention.

9: 8 Belief can be used as a tool in order to focus your will.

9:9 Entities that focus towards the same form of manifestation add to each other.

9:10 The action is the process.

9:11 All actions manifest something.

9:12 Move towards your desire with your action mundanely.

9:13 More you do in order to bring forth your manifestation the stronger it will be.

9:14 Everything that is done is neutral

9:15 After the completion of the action give it space to manifest.

9:16 Everything has power over everything else and is intrinsically connected.

9:17 Constructs that are close together, and that are linked by time, and/or space have power over each other.

9:18 If something has contact with something else it will continue to have contact with it even after they are separated.

9:19 If a construct is associated with something else frequently, it’s association , and connection will build greater every time it is done.

9:20 Entities that imitates, or identifies as another entity will take on characteristics of that entity.

9:21 Having an accurate representation of an entity, a place, or a thing will allow you to gain power, and control over the entity, place, or thing it represents.

9:22 If you know the name of an object, a being, or a process you will be able to control, and manipulate it.

9:23 There are some words which hold power for certain people. Depending on what word it is, who it is spoken in front of, and who has spoken it. Can affect, manipulate, and control.

9:24 A construct is always associated, connected to, and will have power over any other construct that is seen as the exact contrast, or opposite to it.

9:25 Where two things have in common one, or more properties, then these properties can be used to control both of these things.

9:26 By treating anything as a entity, or being, and considering it to be alive it will be easier to control, and work with.

9:27 The more you know about something the more power you have over it.

9:28 Know yourself so you can have power over yourself.

9:29 It is harder to act magick on people who do not consent to the magickal practice.

9:30 It has been done once it can be done again as long as all the variables are exactly the same, or are exchanged with constructs with equivalent properties.

9:31 Entities are limited by range, and type of information they can perceive.

9:32 Using items that are durable allow the power of the manifestation to be longer-lasting.

9:33 You cannot manipulate the impossible to happen, you can only drag things to you that are at all likely.

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