11:1 When you are aware of the divinity of Oxakna in your own inner individuality you have started on your path of acquiring a state of Xaoxa.

11:2 Xaoxa teaches us to be connected to the highest aspect of being which is Oxakna.

11:3 Xaoxa is not only the drive to reach for your highest potential, but is also the state of realization that comes from meeting with your quintessence which is your state of enlightenment, and realization of your God self.

11:4 Xaoxa is the transcendent illumination of the soul, and the mind, body, and spirit that make up it.

11:5 Xaoxa is the highest virtue, and should be strived for in all aspects.

11:6 There are many different paths to achieve Apotheosis.

11:7 There are many different paths to the divine, and all of them will come to the same conclusion eventually

11:8 Be slow with existence where you are supposed to go, and do not fight against the current, and what you find yourself swimming in.

11:9 You must fulfill yourself by achieving the highest points of your character and personality

11:10 When one seeks Xaoxa too much they become someone who seeks obsessively.

11:11 When they do not seek Xaoxa enough they become someone who is very far away from realizing their potential.

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