14:1 Vadaska is freedom, and is the understanding of acting, speaking, or thinking without restraint, or hindrance, and it is connected to the understandings of liberty, and independence.

14:2 To be free from the preoccupation, worry, vanity, and ambition over the world and the worldly.

14:3 To do what one does for self sake not out of desire for reward, or fear of punishment.

14:4 One should refrain themselves from attachment, and desire.

14:5 You can only control your own actions, so learn to let go. Control what you can and release what you cannot.

14:6 Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something.

14:7 Make your actions, actionless. create space for the universe to do it’s thing.

14:8 Clinging to ideas of fulfillment, completeness, or perfection will disappoint

14:9 Humor, and play break us out of the ridges reality in which we live.

14:10 Davaabt is a modest or low view of one’s own importance.

14:11 It will allow us to do things that are important without needing to draw attention to what we have done, or to what we have gained from it.

14:12 To be aware of and have regret for our own faults, rather than finding fault with others.

14:13 Accept the ego for what it is.

14:14 realize that all things change, so that you will not hold onto anything.

14:15 Xaeua is unconditional love for all things, and it is characterized by acts of charity, empathy, compassion, generosity, magnanimity, sympathy, and mercy for every entity, even the ones who have wronged you.

14:16 An individual should have intentional non-violence for all forms of living beings.

14:17 Giving rights to all forms of living beings.

14:18 Have love for all things.

14:19 forgive yourself, and Forgive others who have wronged you. Have compassion for yourself, and accept yourself, so that you may find peace.

14:20 Learn to understand everyone and to see within them the good aspects.

14:21 Abtgha is the calmness, and stableness of body, mind, and spirit while in all situations, and that is characterized by fortitude, quietude, serenity, equanimity, and tranquility within yourself.

14:22 Live in the world as it is and be mindful of all that is present.

14:23 Allowing the mind to work, and to be in the best health possible are definitely preferred.

14:24 Suffering is caused by desire and by releasing what you desire for you can meet peace.

14:25 Vadaska, Davaabt, Xaeua, and Abtgha are the fourth, and final virtues.

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