12:1 Najaar is the strive for knowledge, and Umao is the strive for wellness.

12:2 Najaar is looking for truth, it is characterized by understandings of reason, logic, wisdom, intelligence, curiosity, open-mindedness, and objectiveness.

12:3 Strive for truth, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to break the chains of ignorance

12:4 An individual should never stop learning, and should always look for things to improve their knowledge.

12:5 Practice, and learning are both important one must not forget to also practice what they are learning.

12:6 One should avoid falsehoods, and should not spread them.

12:7 Umao is looking to thrive mentally, physically, and spiritually, and is characterized by a healthy, happy, and prosperous state of being that is very individual, personal, and authentic.

12:6 It is brought out by the pleasures of life, the wellness of mind, body, and spirit, and the contentment of being.

12:7 Individuals should seek for pleasure, and avoid pain.
6:8 Search for that which brings you joy and happiness.

12:9 Individuals should remember not to overindulge in too many things that bring short term pleasure, because they may bring long-term pain.

12:10 learn to be content, and grateful within your state of being.

12:11 The virtue of Umao recognizes that Suffering is a part of life, but it is how you respond to that suffering, and how you allow that suffering to change you that is truly important, and by learning to work in harmony with this suffering one can find peace within their life.

12:12 Najaar, and Umao are the second highest virtues.

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