13:1 A’jau is honor that is brought forth from truthfulness, sincerity, loyalty, honesty, valor, and respect.

13:2 Be honest, and truthful in every aspect that you are able to be.

13:3 Upholding your duty, and do what you have contracted yourself to do.

13:4 Be courageous, and stand up for what you believe in, when it is the time to do so.

13:5 Do not forget to not be reckless, and do not overextend yourself.

13:6 Tolerance and respect the beliefs of others, that are not intolerant, or harmful.

13:7 To respect life one must try not to take life.

13:8 To respect another, one should not take from another.

13:9 Live a responsible life as part of the community.

13:10 Seek excellence in all endeavors that are expected of you.

13:11 Have gratitude to all things in which you do, and do not interact with.

13:12 A’jau is your connection to your passions, and following them determinately, while keeping integrity with yourself, and your actions.

13:13 Be true to yourself and do everything you love with meraki, and wisdom, so that you will be able to live authentically, and within your highest honor.

13:14 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

13:15 Do unto the earth as you would have it do unto you.

13:16 Have respect for one another, and the different forms, and natures that they possess.

13:17 Humans are not Superior to any other entity, or constructs with in existence, and that humans simply work into the greater flow of everything, just like every other thing in nature.

13:18 Humans are seen as animals, and share the same amount of importance as other animals, plants, and constructs, and are simply another piece of existence.

13:19 Try to provide for all people to access those resources necessary for their existence.

13:20 Try to provide for all life systems to continue, and multiply.

13:21 Individuals should take no more than what we need before we reinvest the surplus.

13:23 Be authentic with yourself, and be honest with yourself.

13:24 Always seek the path of ‘right’.

13:25 Laarda is balance, and equilibrium, and brings forth understandings of justice, moderation, balance, and egalitarianism.

13:26 Balance is key for all aspects of life, if you stay within the center, and accept what is, you will find balance within yourself, and harmony with in existence.

13:27 It is the impartiality between constructs, and because of this is also connected to justice, moderation, and egalitarianism in all things.

13:28 Live in the moment.

13:29 Everything that is a part of these polarities is simply one side of the same coin

13:30 Everything in the world is neutral, and simply is.

13:31 Aspects of existence are not black, or white, and in body a balance, which is neutral.

13:32 Walking between the two extremes allows us with in all aspects of life to see all sides of a situation, or understanding, so that we will be able to flow with the nature of being, and accept, and understand all aspects of existence.

13:33 You should be able to focus on what is, and you will be able to see through it gaining insight, knowledge, and satisfaction for everything that you experience and take within yourself.

13:34 Do everything in moderation.

13:35 Aspects of the world that are seen as dark, or negative are as important as what are seen to be light, and positive.

13:36 Nobody is greater, or lesser than anyone else, for we all have our roles to play, and our paths to walk.

13:37 Tau is excellent character, and soundness of mind that results in patience, self-awareness, self-restraint, self-discipline, and self-confidence.

13:38 Let the self be sole master of the self.

13:39 Know yourself.

13:40 Control the way in which you spend your money, time, and resources.

13:41 An individual should be able to sustain themselves and be able to be independent on their own two feet.

13:42 selfish desires lust and greed.

13:43 A’jau, Laarda, and Tau are the third highest virtues.

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