23:1 Death is not the end: Death is seen as a transition.

23:2 Everything is impermanent.

23:3 Do not be afraid of death.

23:4 Death is not a punishment, but should be avoided until it is time for one to die.

23:5 Death is not to be grieved but it is to be celebrated.

23:6 But, Death before someone’s time should be grieved.

23:7 From the death of the body, the spirit ascends.

23:8 Death will always be a mystery to the living.

23:9 Death is a necessary part of life making room for new individuals to take the place of the Dead.

23:10 Everything that lives will die.

23:11 The Afterlife is neither a punishment nor reward.

23:12 We all go to the same place went we die.

23:13 The afterlife is not affected by what you do, or do not do.

23:14 Upon death the spirit may pass over into nacada, or may trap themselves within shacada.

23:15 Honor the bodies of the dead for they are connected to the spirit of an individual.

23:16 During the process of one’s dying one may experience the review of their entire life.

23:17 Death is a part of life, and nobody lives forever. It cannot be proposes and it waits for no one.

23:18 May their body be placed in the area in which they were connected to.

23:19 Buried with important items, and items that will give them blessings as they journey through the other world.

23:20 Upon the ascension after death one regains their knowledge of that world.

23:21 Within the afterlife the soul rests, and waits for its next incarnation.

23:22 Spirit  has always existed and though our mortal bodies can be destroyed the spirit has never, and will never no death.

23:23 Ones who have a strong tie to this world they may be bound to the world after death, and will only be able to pass on after  undoing the binding.

23:25 Entities are able to reincarnate into all living creatures from the smallest plant to the largest animal.

23:26 When the essence of you is forgotten, and your name is no longer spoken the death of that individual has been realized.

23:27 A true appreciation for life can never be fully realized until you come face-to-face with your own impermanence

23:28 Whatever you do, and your present life will be taking with you throughout your others.

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