17:1 Beings that are connected to divinity which is the essence of Oxakna, and have realize there Xaoxa are known as the Yamasala, and those who are wise, but have not connected to their inner being are simply Vaarla.

17:2 Throughout all of existence one will find Yamasala, and Vaarla one can learn from, some who are willing to teach, and others that you will be able to learn from the actions of.

17:3 The divinity of Oxakna is exalted within the Yamasala, and this connection is used to facilitate Xaoxa, Najaar, Umao, A’jau, Laarda, Tau, Vadaska, Davaabt, Xaeua, and Abtgha within the individuals that recognize their essence.

17:4 When you are aware of the divine in your own inner individuality you have reached a state of xa and have ascended to become a Yamasala.

17:5 Divinity has made themself evident to mankind throughout the ages through messengers such as Yamasala, and Vaarla.

17:6 Through these messengers, Divinity was able to approach different peoples and civilizations in ways suitable to their culture, language, and understanding.

17:7 Anyone is able to become a Yamasala, and Vaarla regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex, gender, age, or species, or any other thing.

17:8 Yamasala, and Vaarla are those who have connected to Oxakna, and they exist within all cultures, traditions, and understandings.

17:9 Nobody is perfect, not even masters, for they have only learned how to work with their weakness.

17:10 All of the Yamasala are beacons of knowledge, prophets in their own being, and messengers of existence.

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