22:1 Every individual is able to choose who they reincarnate into, choosing any body that is being developed.

22:2 Spirit guides watch over the individual chosen by Oxaskada.

22:3 Memories of the afterlife, and other lies are erased upon incarnation.

22:4 Upon their birth all of the energies of this world at that moment impact them upon their first breath.

22:5 The spirit enters the body with in pregnancy.

22:6 All life is sacred and should be respected.

22:7 The soul is a every aspect of an individual, and it is spiritual, mental, and physical.

22:8 There’s a war within every individual, and through their life this war changes.

22:9 Children should spend their time learning and growing.

22:10 Teens should be awaking, and learn what they want to do.

22:11 adults should be doing, and experiencing, crafting out your own chunk in this world.

22:12 The Elder is for sharing wisdom, leading, and communicating with Oxakna .

22:13 People who have reached the Elder part of life are to be respected for their wisdom, experience, and knowledge, so that you will be able to learn from that.

22:14 You are every aspect of life from the child to the Elder. For every elder is still the same child, and because of that the child is still within them. We are everything we have ever been.

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