15:1 Everything is made of the divinity that pervades existence, and because of this we are all divine in our own right, because our being is a separation of that divinity.

15:2 Your spirituality is derived from your own source, and you do not need to participate in religious rituals in order to interact with your mystic ways.

15:3 Anything can be spiritual, if it resonates in your soul.

15:4 Life, and being is most likely inherently meaningless, though it can be given meaning by yourself, and other people.

15:5 You do not have to be ascetic to be spiritual.

15:7 Every entity, and construct is an individual and can act their own will upon the world.

15:8 By aligning the mind, the body, and the spirit you will be at peace.

15:9 Wisdom is gathered from experience, so go out and live your life, and wisdom will come to you.

15:10 Individuals go forth, and study your experiences, and examine how it shapes your worldview.

15:11 For many of us have forgotten who we are, and used to identify as the character we are playing.

15:12 Every individual is a character being played out by Oxakna.

15:13 The individual who reads or hears these words is Oxakna, and there is no difference between self, and other.

15:14 We are as much each other, as we are ourselves.

15:15 We are all trees that share the same roots, no matter how much we separate we will always be connected to one another.

15:16 Everyone can be directly in touch with Oxakna

15:17 By controlling the body you will control the micro, this will in turn allow you to control your macro of the world.

15:18 It’s good to challenge our beliefs.

15:19 Allow the individual to find what is sacred to them.

15:20 Individuals should follow their your own path through life, so find, and walk your own path.

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