20:1 The understandings of Truth are for anyone, and anyone is able to grasp them.

20:2 Speak the words to the ones, who will be able to hear them.

20:3 Truth can be experienced, but it is not possible to totally express it with language.

20:4 Language is not Truth, but a means and attempt to express Truth.

20:5 All individuals experience things differently, and have their own subjective you of all things that they experience which can be analyzed, and understood as subjective truths.

20:6 Everybody has a worldview that they operate from, and everything must be examined through this world view even the understanding of the world view itself.

20:7 there is one truth and that can be learned through many different ways.

20:8 These levels are based on different starting points in which are determined by accepted factors. This is so that things can be known on certain levels, while also being denied on other levels.

20:9 Truth can be found through using Rationalism and Empiricism.

20:10 The truth of a statement will change based on the context in which it is used.

20:11 Esoteric level of  Truth, Oxajaxaar, all things are drawn from the axioms.

20:12 Liminal level of  Truth, Jaxajaxaar.

20:13 Exoteric level of  Truth, Daxajaxaar.

20:14 Things are assumed and things are allowed to be proven through pragmatism. This level allows an individual to hold the illusion that are bases true in order to deal with everyday occurrences of knowledge.

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